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E3 2010: Your Chance to Salute the Best of E3

Posted by James Newton

Reader's vote returns!

So E3 is over for another year, now a distant memory as we look to the future to anticipate when we might all be able to join Corbie in appreciating the 3DS for ourselves. It's not time to forget just yet; in fact, quite the opposite: it's time to celebrate the best of E3 in our imaginatively titled Nintendo Life Best of E3 Awards!

Not only will the staff here at Nintendo Life Towers be ruminating and unveiling their picks for the best announcements, games and surprises at E3, we want to invite you to get involved and choose your Best of E3. Following feedback from our Game of the Year Awards this time we'll be offering three categories in which you can vote: Best Wii Game, Best Handheld Game (this includes 3DS and DS!) and Overall Best Game on a Nintendo Console.

You can get involved in one of many ways. You can use the Contact form to submit your votes, using the "General Enquiries" option, send them to us via Twitter, Skype them to us at the username NintendoLife or leave them on our official Facebook page.

Need a reminder of all the action from E3? Head over to our E3 portal for coverage of Okamiden, Zelda: Skyward Sword, Ivy the Kiwi?, Kirby's Epic Yarn and about a thousand other games vying for your votes.

You have until Thursday, July 1st to get your votes in, and the voting lines are open now. We'll unveil your choices for the Best Wii Game, Best Handheld Game and Overall Best Game on a Nintendo Console in the next episode of the Nintendo Life Podcast, which will be available on Monday, July 5th. Snap to it!

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James said:

We will not be counting votes made in comments or on the forums as these are easily edited and very hard to collate. Please use one of the methods described in the article if you want to get involved



Corbs said:

At least until I submit my 35000 votes for Kirby's Epic Yarn with my various alt accounts. LOL.



hatty475 said:

Picking a 3DS game will be hard, all of the games look awesome and there's no gameplay videos.



ejamer said:

I always read that as Kirby's Epic YaM instead of YaRN. Must be getting old... but on the other hand, I'd rather like an epic tuber.

Not quite sure what to vote for. Lots of great announcements, but nothing that clearly stood out as the best for me. Will have to do some thinking about this one!



greenellow said:

i have to say the world ends with you 2 was the best from what i seen it took advantage of the 3ds hardware to the fullest. but for some reason it was playable or shown on the floor i mean why square not do that (just asking is denial easily read on a message board?)



Roopa132 said:

Wait, so can the Overall Best Game be from any platform or only from Nintendo's three?



CanisWolfred said:

Seriously, can we pick a game from any system for the best overall? Because I think Child of Eden was the most impressive game there, but that's for XBLA.

EDIT: Screw it. If I just end up burning my vote, then so be it.



Feld0 said:'re on a site that covers Nintendo. Therefore, they're handing out awards to Nintendo stuff.

Hm...Zelda: Skyward Sword, Kirby's Epic Yarn, or Donkey Kong Country Returns...such a hard choice!



WolfRamHeart said:

Really tough decision but I went with Okamiden for best handheld game and Kirby's Epic Yarn for best Wii and Overall game of E3.



Morpheel said:

i pressed send message... but im not sure if it got send, it just returned me to the same page, is the page just trolling me or it didnt get send?




I dont care that the only info we have is that its a new turn based RPG, but Paper Mario wins it all.



Morpheel said:

@GabeGreens: i would gave voted for paper mario as best overall if we had more than just a few images :/
But it is still one of the greatest games announced in the E3, though



James said:

@mickeymac The news article's final three paragraphs explain everything. Also, considering this is a Nintendo-only website I'm confused why you thought we'd be giving out awards to non-Nintendo games. If you want to resend your vote with a Nintendo title in the Best Overall Game position that's cool with me.



Shiryu said:

n-Space's "Tron Evolution - Battle Grids". What a stunner, totally out of nowhere!



Odnetnin said:

This is a hard one...and I couldn't be happier about that! In the end it was Kid Icarus: Uprising as Best Handheld Game, and Epic Mickey as Best Wii Game and Overall Best Game.



Sylverstone said:

This is gonna be hard....

I'm torn between two top contenders for best Wii game.

3DS is gonna be easy.

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