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Unfinished Virtual Boy Game Bound High Finally Released

Posted by James Newton

Unfinished title sees the red light of day at last

There's nothing we love more here at Nintendo Life than a good story of triumph against the odds: a plumber defeating a fire-breathing lizard; a hedgehog stopping the plans of an evil genius; and the continued hard work of ardent fans that finally saw Bound High, an unreleased Virtual Boy game, to a playable status.

A few years ago, the game's source code was provided to website Planet Virtual Boy, who managed to compile it into a semi-stable state with some bugs. Now the hard work has finally paid off, as fresh blood on the conversion team allowed them to complete the game and release it to the world.

Wondering what the problem was? Well, it's easy of course:

After all, it was neither a bug in the ISX converter, nor one in the game's source, but a faulty code optimization routine of the VUCC compiler, which could be circumvented with a very small change to the source.

They make it sound so easy. If you've got a Virtual Boy or simply love enjoying the fruits of other people's hard work, head over to Planet Virtual Boy to congratulate the team and dabble in a little high bounding. If you want to learn more about the console, our series of Virtual Boy reviews and our Making Of feature should be enough to satisfy your appetite.


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Other_Dave said:

Back when the game was first previewed I thought this looked a promising game and my first impressions all these years later are that it's a good 'un. The 3D is used to great effect.



Token_Girl said:

This is a really neat story. Now, call me when someone does this for Star Fox 2...



BlueFlameBat said:

I haven't had much luck getting Virtual Boy emulators to work on my computer, but it probably wouldn't hurt to try again.



DarkEdi said:

that game i was searching in stores and i was sure it was released until few years ago i knew it was canceled

i wish tha 3ds have a retro store and put this and the other 10 virtual boy games



AnotherWorld said:

@DarkEdi: you mean the other 22 Virtual Boy games. At the end of the VB's life cycle there were 22 released games in North America and Japan. 19 of which were released to Japan only.

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