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Sega Bringing Gunblade NY and LA Machineguns to Wii

Posted by Zach Kaplan

Gunfire and explosions to occur constantly

Tired of endlessly playing House of the Dead 2 & 3 Return and Ghost Squad over and over again, wishing that the same company would bring more arcade light gun shooters to the Wii because these are the only games that you can enjoy? Your wait is over.

The ESRB recently rated Gunblade NY & LA Machineguns Arcade Hits Pack "Teen", thus revealing the game's existence to the world. According to its explanation for the rating, the pack promises constant gunfire and explosions and an arsenal of soldiers, robots, vehicles and missiles. The original poster for Gunblade NY states that this was the first gun shooter to utilize AI (or Artificial Intelligence). "Watch out!" the poster cautions.

No release date has been announced for the game, but we'll keep you up to date on all future developments.


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Smoke39 said:

I love Sega's arcade rail shooters. I hope these're as good as Ghost Squad and HotD 2.



Ravage said:

Artificial Intelligence! No way! That's like...intelligence that is...artificial! We might have a new and improved Skynet on our hands!



Sabrewing said:

So when will Namco wise up and release a Time Crisis compilation for the Wii? They could even use the Balance Board to mimic the foot pedal.



Shiryu said:

I really wish Sega would release a compilation of Daytonas and Sega Rallys onthe Wii instead, but I'm sure I will end up picking these up too.



Kirk said:

I'd love to see more games like Virtua Cop, and Sega Rally as cheap VC games on Wii or maybe slightly cleaned up WiiWare versions.

That would be cool.



iSonic said:

When I read "Gunblade" I was thinking final fantasy.

....Now I'm disappointed.




I'm a big fan of Ghost Squad and I used to like House of the Dead 2 and 3 so this is good news for me



BlueFlameBat said:

This is great and all, but when are we gonna get Virtua Cop?
And how many credits do we get this time?

As for Time Crisis, Sony may not own the series, but they probably think they do and would threaten NAMCO for even considering ports to a non-Sony console. I don't know what they could threaten then with, but they probably have enough highly-skilled lawyers to get them acquitted from assassinations even if the evidence is clear. Of course that's just speculation.



Yanagi said:

I loved these games. Sadly, this port won't have the same feel as it did in the arcades. There's nothing like holding a big gun and feeling the heavy recoil as you blasted those robots. Still, I'm looking forward to this.



bro2dragons said:

never heard of either.. but i haven't gotten any yet and could still use a good rail shooter or 2 for my Wii..... and that Gunblade art looks sickly awesome!



Great! I love REAL on-rail shooters like these and not boring cartoons like DSE. I hope they bring the Virtua Cop games soon



gojiguy said:

I wish that this was Virtua Cop Collection instead... or House of the Dead 1 and 4 Return...



Aronos said:

I've never played Gunblade, but I absolutely love LA Machineguns.
I used to play it all the time because the arcade version of it had platforms you stood on and they shook and your gun shook as you played making a giant "rumble" feedback for your whole body lol.
Oh, I guess they won't have any of that on the Wii. Oh well, depending on the price I will still get it.



SilverBaretta said:

I agree with Yanagi, the ports won't feel quite the same as the arcade games themselves, but I still love the fact that these great arcade shooters are making a console debut anyway.



Vinsanity said:

I'm super over light gun shooters. I don't get why more publishers - especially SEGA, whose just porting most of these from weaker hardware - don't just do this for Wiiware. As a retail disc, I couldn't think of anything that would be more unattractive as a buy. But as a 10 dollar download I'd probably give it a shot. Oh well.

Oh and seriously, what's the point of the Virtual Console Arcade then? Put this stuff on THAT, Sega!



brooks83 said:

I will get this because of nostalgia. When I was in middle school my dad would always take me and my sister to the arcade and I always loved playing Gunblade NY.

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