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50,000 Hearts and Souls Poured into Australian Homes

Posted by Brad Long

A tremendous first week for the Pokemon franchise down under

Live in Australia? Like Pokemon? Apparently you do, because the new series releases Heart Gold and Soul Silver, have already sold more than 50,000 copies. That makes up approximately 0.2% of the population, which as small as it sounds, is quite an achievement for only one week on sale.

The Pokemon train seems to be going as strong as ever, with even remakes, as good as they are, selling like hotcakes – though we do believe that a lot of the sales could be attributed to many Pokefans picking up a copy of each!

Isn't it kind of funny how people used to call Pokemon a "fad" ten years ago?

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Cipher said:

Yep, SoulSilver (in the UK at least) has sold more than HeartGold based on the ELSPA charts.



siavm said:

That sounds low to me. What have other pokemon games sold in Australia? Can we have those numbers in the article, because if not that sounds really bad.



moomoo said:

Considering how much video games cost over there, that is absolutely massive. Part of it is probably because of the length of the games, you could easily pour over 300 hours into a single version of the game.



Rhansley64 said:

Most likely Soulsilver sold more since on Amazon ironically Soulsilver cost $2 bucks more then HourtGold.Plus my local store have way to many HeartGold copies while Soulsilver it's practically sold out everywhere i go.



Token_Girl said:

That's weird that one would sell significantly more than another (enough for amazon to raise the price). I did get soul silver, but that's just because I look prettier in silver so like it more.



Big_A2 said:

Half a million is very good for a counrty with a population of 22 million, especially in it's first week.

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