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Pokémon HeartGold Version and Pokémon SoulSilver Version return players to the scenic Johto region first introduced in the beloved original Pokémon Gold and Pokémon Silver games nearly a decade ago.

The richly detailed adventure of Pokémon Gold and Pokémon Silver is now enhanced for the Nintendo DS and Nintendo DSi systems with updated graphics and sound, as well as new touch-screen features and a host of surprises. Pokémon HeartGold Version and Pokémon SoulSilver Version bring dozens of Pokémon characters back into the limelight for a new Pokémon generation - and longtime fans - to catch, train and battle.

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Posted by James Newton

Nintendo used "Spare Time Eater"!

(Pokémon history lesson appeared!) A few years after the huge success of Red and Blue, along came Silver and Gold, offering a brand new region and dozens more freaky monsters to catch. Predictably the games were just as successful and even now are fondly...

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Big-R said:

hey peoples jk if u want to get a jirachi go to a gamestop during feb. 27 until (i think) 1 day before heartgold and soulsilver with a ds and the game: diamon, pearl, or platinum and you would get it



Dsiwarehunter said:

I personally think that the Pokemon Company is just making sequels to stall us while they try to think of the fifth generation. Still awesome.



NOSE-FERA2 said:

Ive always secretly hated pokemon because my broyher hogged it and would never ever let me play it(Including dungeon for my B-Day!) But since im gonna be able to play this for the 1st time ever!!! HOORAY!!!Especially after the pokewalker announcement!



motang said:

I really didn't care about this game, but after hearing people rave about it, now I want it. Fine I will pick one up soon.



bdsoldier said:

hey guys theres a new pokemon game its pokemon black and white no joke corocoro has just showed the pictures it all 3d on ds new region new charchters and newwwwwwwww starters yay



nintendonerd147 said:

10:10 awesome hg i started with totodile for some unkown reason. Does anyone know if there is gonna be a dsi action replay i want to get more of my pokemon up to level 100. Ive now got ss and ive started with the best cynduquil



Hokori said:

this is a remake of my favorite Pokemon game
i didnt like Ruby or Sapphire as much because of the whole after you caught all of them FireRed LeafGreen Collosem and XD comes out and u need to catch not all 137 but 386



ShinyGold said:

Lets Play Pokemon Heartgold&Soulsilver part1 Asu Start the game up the prof oak screen comes up and ok im a boy my name is ShinyGold and i start i walk down the staircase to get a pokemon when im out the door this weird blue ball thing with red ears and yes its marill i get to the lab and look at the starters i choose Chikorita!



Typhlosionlover said:

Nintendo you've gotta help me!!! My little brother deleted my save file on soulsilver and i had so many legendaries, i had already beat the champion twice, got mewtwo, all the unown, was working towards getting the roaming duo in johto region, the duo in kanto, i had rayqauza, kyogre, and groudon!! and my typhlosion, who was my fav pokemon, was lvl 84 and i had beat red!!! Please tell me there is a was to get my save file back! it took me 2 years to accomplish!

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