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Podcast: Episode 14 - Mario Month is Here!

Posted by James Newton

MAR10 is GO

Fresh from the huge success of our DS fifth birthday celebrations, there's another swell of features coming your way as we get into the swing of Mario Month, our celebration of March 2010 aka Mar 10. Corbie Dillard and James Newton chew the fat over some choice Mario moments and there's a brief DS reviews round-up too. The episode is slightly shorter than usual due to time constraints but there's still some jolly fine talk included.

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As you'll have heard, James Newton is appearing on the Moonhawk Studios Presents podcast this Wednesday, March 17th at 10pm EST/7pm PST. You can get involved by calling in live with a question or even just to have a chat and say hello, and you can find the call-in information on the show's TalkShoe page or over at Moonhawk Studio Presents. Be sure to tune in live to listen to yet more Nintendo nattering with a distinctly British accent.

Missed a past episode of the Nintendo Life podcast? You can find the complete archive here, including Jon's stellar chip and game music show NLFM. Want to make sure you never miss an episode again? Well then, subscribe to our Podcast feed (using iTunes) or download it using this direct link. You can also find us on iTunes, follow us on Twitter for the latest news and get in touch using the Contact form's new podcast option.

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Chunky_Droid said:

Sorry I couldn't make it for the podcast James, I'll be sure to leave a message for the next podcast and mention what's been going on with MAR10



Phobos said:

Two Nintendo celebrations in a month? Mario March Month Madness. Still celebrating anyways!



Mahe said:

Mario is boring. Don't you have anything else to discuss?



theblackdragon said:

@Mahew: it's a Nintendo site, and it's in celebration of Mar10. it'd be odd to discuss Sonic instead, wouldn't you say? :3



Mahe said:

How would it be odd? There are tons of Sonic games on Nintendo systems, and he's topical as well with Sega All-Stars Racing, Sonic Collection DS, the recent Sonic & Knuckles on Virtual Console and the upcoming Sonic 4 on WiiWare. Really bad example, lol!



Maxsh said:

@Mahew: To be honest, it's a Nintendo fansite and we all know they tend to be a little bias towards Mario games. I mean no offense to you guys, this is a fine establishment you're running here, but I'm just saying it makes sense for Mario to be the hot topic.



James said:

I'll take those comments onboard. Most of you probably know by now I'm actually a huge Sega and Sonic fan and I certainly intend to do Sonic podcasts in future, but with this month being a celebration of Mario it makes sense to have a podcast celebrating him. When it's Sonic's time, there'll be a Sonic podcast. Everything has its turn

Those of you who wouldn't mind two podcasts, did the shorter length bother you at all? I ran out of time during production, but I could offer two podcasts a month if they were clocking in at 15-20 minutes. Let me know.



y2josh said:

Back on 3rd shift and in about 35 minutes your soothing voice shall be putting me to sleep, Prosody.



Sean_Aaron said:

I'll listen to the rest on the way home, but it's another great one James. I'm not a big Mario fan, but I do find this stuff interesting anyway.

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