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Moonhawk Studios Podcast Available Now

Posted by James Newton

James Newton talks about WiiWare, review controversy and... pigtails?!

Nintendo Life Assistant Editor James Newton appeared on the Moonhawk Studios Presents podcast with Mac Paladin and Adam Dayton yesterday, and shot the breeze about Nintendo's marketing, third-party successes and the potential future of the DS.

If you missed the show when it was broadcast live (at 2am UK time!) the entire show is now available to download over at the show's official TalkShoe page.

Thanks to Moonhawk Studios for the podcast invitation and enjoy the show!


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James said:

Listen and find out!

It gets interesting ten minutes in, by the way.



ejamer said:

Quote of the show: "Little King's Story is a Marvelous game!" Pun intended?



Machu said:

I'll never forgive myself for falling asleep. Wanted to call.

Well done James. It was a great listen, mostly.



y2josh said:

Will be listening in the morning after work. Can't wait to hear this controversy



James said:

@ejamer You should know from reading my many taglines that puns are always intended, though rarely are they funny

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