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WiiWare Leads Indie Awards Category

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Three out of five ain't bad

Direct2Drive has announced the five finalists for the 12th Annual Independent Games Festival, to be held March 11th at the Games Developers Conference, with three of the games being WiiWare titles.

Max and the Magic Marker, NyxQuest: Kindred Spirits and Super Meat Boy have all been nominated for the Direct2Drive Vision Award, which aims to celebrate games that present new ideas and concepts which will help spark innovation in gaming.

The Independent Games Festival was established in 1998 to showcase and encourage the innovation that independent developers bring to gaming and to give much deserved recognition to the very best studios.

World of Goo is the only WiiWare title to have previously received an award at the festival, when it picked up the Design Innovation and Technical Excellence awards back in 2008.

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Dazza said:

Also Super Meat Boy is coming to XBLA first, so it's really 2.5/5 for WiiWare hehe



Sylverstone said:

I've heard of the IGF before. That's where DigiPen student submit their games, and they've won lots of (student) awards.

@Dazza: I guess so..... 2.5 ain't so bad... Is it?



Porky said:

While test playing the Max and the Magic Marker wiiware to show how good it is then a freeze or glitch appears.. I'd laugh if that happen.



The_Fox said:

Nominating a title not even released yet hurts their credibility a bit.



Popyman said:

No Cave Story? It must have won before...right? If not, these indie awards are built on lies and should be kicked.



Sneaker13 said:

NyxQuest: Kindred Spirits should win, Max and the Magic Marker have to many bugs (even though it's a very enjoyable game) an Super Meat Boy isn't even out yet.



Namo said:


Cave Story is in the Guinness Book of World Records as the most popular freeware indie game of all time, so that counts for something! =D



Ricardo91 said:

I'm surprised Wiiware even had this many nominations tbh. Nyxquest is probably the only one in there that has a snowball's chance.



jbrodack said:

Most of you people aren't familiar with IGF awards so are confused. AFAIK all the entries are submitted to IGF directly and so nominations are only based on those entries. Which is why no Cave Story. Also, games that aren't released are nominated all the time since developers can still submit private builds to the IGF. They aren't nominating just on hype they actually were able to play the games.

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