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Japanese Virtual Console list - March 2010

Posted by Marcel van Duyn

Even Japan seems to be getting several VC-less weeks from now on.

Things are moderately bad for Virtual Console in Europe and North America at the moment, with each month having several weeks without a new release for the service. But now it's really time to worry - Even Japan seems to be getting several of these now. March only sees three new releases, and although two of those are from Nintendo and Square Enix, it's still quite a sad state of affairs.

The three games Japan will be getting are:

Super Famicom:

  • Sutte Hakkun (March 2nd - A puzzler released near the end of the system's life. You must "inject" paint into colourless blocks, each different colour making them behave differently. Back in 2008, we hoped this would hit the VC sometime, now all we need to hope for is an import release!)
  • Romancing Sa-Ga 2 (Like the game before it, it's a Japan-exclusive Square RPG. It's considered the best in the series, and is moderately popular with Square fans.)

Virtual Console Arcade:

  • Moon Cresta (A relatively uninteresting shoot 'em up by the now defunct developer Nichibutsu.)

Let's hope this doesn't mean the rest of the world will be seeing even less releases!


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Sean_Aaron said:

Yay, Moon Cresta! Hamster Co. is behind this little resurrection of Nichibutsu games, but how many of these we can expect isn't clear from the company's website.



Ratengo said:

Only THREE titles? Hm…! Then, I expect the MSX titles ‘Gofer no Yabou: Episode II’ and ‘Metal Gear 2: Solid Snake’ being added to the list later during March. Anyway, I’m happy that the Japanese service still manages pretty well compared to the awful European one with crappy release schedules…!

And YAY for the action puzzler ‘Sutte Hakkun’ hitting the service! The game will be my fourth VC purchase so far this year (after ‘Kirby no Kirakira Kizzu’, ‘Quarth’ and ‘Rockman 4’). Thanks a lot, Nintendo…!



Rapadash6 said:

Wow, that's really quite sparse, isn't it? Well, with all these VC less weeks going on, everywhere, I've come to accept that the service will never be as huge as it once was but I also realize that there are already a decent amount of games, GOOD games, available. Also, just because we don't see as many games doesn't mean we can't still have hopes for some desired games in the future either. With Mega Man 10 and Cave Story both coming in the next month, it really wouldn't matter much if any VC games were released at all, and Nintendo probably realizes that as well.



Jacob said:

Wow, I hope some of these come to the States. It's (probably) better than zero new titles.



kitroplious said:

Seeing 3 VC games including one from Square Enix actually is not too bad, but it's better than nothing!



Cipher said:

I'm sorta glad things are slowing down - even though there are a hell of a lot of SNES and N64 games I wish Nintendo would hurry up and put on the service, I've got a lot of games to finish myself, and I'm also getting the time now to buy games from the service that I never owned before.



Corbs said:

Sutte Hakkun is one of the coolest games you'll ever play. It cost me a small fortune, but I had to own the original cart of the game. Fantastic! Damn I wish this would come to the US.



KnucklesSonic8 said:

Wow... VC is heading downhill. Hopefully Nintendo starts releasing the stuff we've been waiting for now...



CanisWolfred said:

Well, at least they're getting more Square-Enix support, and the second Romancing Saga at that. I think that one actually has a full fan translation, though, so at least I can still play it.



Aenaida said:

I've got enough games to last me a few months, although I do wish Nintendo would release at least one VC game a week, just to keep the service going.



brainofj said:

So ... Wii Points will be going to Rock Band DLC in the future for me if this trend continues ...



astarisborn94 said:

Now I am concern. I love the Virtual Console with a passion, despite their shortcomings, and I would absolutely hate it to go away. It'll be a make or break deal for me if I'm going to keep the Wii or not.

I figure the same will apply to a few other people.



Namo said:

@15 The same kind of applies to me. The VC is the reason I wanted a Wii in the first place. If Nintendo phased out VC, I wouldn't exactly sell my Wii instantly, but it would definitely happen eventually, especially with the lack of quality WiiWare exclusives (Every good Wiiware game except Cave Story and La Mulana seems to be going Multiplatform, like Explodemon and Super Meat Boy).



Zinjak said:

damn i guess we are never going to see blizzard support the VC are we?...i really wanted to see some lost vikings 2 and blackthorne

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