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UK Theme Park Getting Sonic-Branded Ride

Posted by Rebecca Gunn

Due to open February Half Term

UK theme park Alton Towers is currently preparing to reopen for February Half Term, and Sonic fansite Sonic Stadium has heard that apparently the "Spinball Whizzer" attraction at the big UK attraction is being re-designed this year to a Sonic the Hedgehog theme.

The site's source mentions this is for a "relaunch" of the Sonic series, which could mean it's related to "Project Needlemouse", the new 2D Sonic title due this year or simply a tie into Sonic & Sega All Stars Racing. A quick poke at Alton Towers fansite TowersTimes confirms it as it's in resort brochure for the new season in the hotels.

This isn't the first time the blue 'hog has appeared at Alton Towers: Sonic used to be part of the Small World-like "Toyland Tours" attraction which opened back in 1994 with his own special section. He was still there until 2006 when the ride was changed to Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.


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y2josh said:

Oh, yeah, like Charlie and the Chocolate Factory is SOOO much better



Stargazer said:

Maybe the ride will start out pretty exciting and well-constructed, and devolve into a boring, sloppy series of fetch-quests and horrible characters that should be shot and put out of their misery.



Stevie said:

I'll be more interested in the SW6 (secret weapon 6) ride or Th13teen as I believe it will be called, from what I hear they are dubbing it a Pyscoaster and it will have a age limit of 13+.



Kidpit said:

And thousands of retro sonic fans will complain that the ride isn't in 2-D.



Terra said:

I really need to get down to Alton Towers again sometime. It's been 5 years since my last trip, I usually end up going to Thorpe Park.



MiiMiiMii said:

This ride is not advisable if you were on the town the night before. Baaaad things very nearly happened on there, and and the memory still makes me a bit green.

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