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Wed 20th November, 2013

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missFoxxy commented on Miyamoto Teases the Possibility of a Real "Nin...:

After going to Disneyland a few years ago, I had this idea as well for a long time, I put a lot of thought I to it too, if this did happen, I'd work there with designing rides and attractions for sure. I think A hyrule Castle and Princess Peach Castle as walk ins would be cool. And having different sections would work, Hyrule, mushroom kingdom, Kongo jungle, pikmin Garden, animal crossing village, retro land, a sci-fi section for starfox, Kirby, and F-zero and metroid and the town plaza can look like Eagleland from Mother, and a isle Delfino hotel/water park would be sweet too, also adding 3rd party attractions like Sonic would be neat,for sure. Would love magical Zelda Darkrides, a Luigis mansion, a Mario party carnival, starfox simulator, metroid laser alien encounter, f-zero roller coaster, donkey Kong log ride, and animal crossing train or boat ride