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SEGA Confirms Alton Towers Tie-In

Posted by Anthony Dickens

Earlier rumours now confirmed

As we reported just a few weeks ago, UK theme park lovers will soon be able to get a dose of gaming with their high-flying rollercoaster action, as Alton Towers is about to get a distinctly SEGA flavour.

SEGA® Europe Ltd today announced an exciting three year partnership with Alton Towers Resort, the most popular theme park in the UK. The deal, which gives SEGA the exclusive videogame rights at the resort, also marks the first time a videogame character has been given their own ‘Ride and Stay’ experience at the popular UK attraction.

The sponsorship will encompass the launch of a Sonic The Hedgehog branded rollercoaster and Sonic The Hedgehog themed room at the Alton Towers Hotel. The Sonic hotel room allows guests to live, sleep and even play the latest games from the Sonic franchise in a room dedicated to the famous Sonic videogame universe. The rollercoaster, entitled Sonic Spinball, and the Sonic hotel room will open to the public on 13th February 2010.

“We are delighted to be working with Merlin Entertainments and Alton Towers Resort” commented Amanda Farr, SEGA Europe UK Marketing Director. “Partnering Sonic with one of the UK’s most popular destinations for a family day out is a fantastic opportunity for people to engage, and have fun, with the Sonic brand. I’ll certainly be there at the launch of the rollercoaster to have my turn!”

Morwenna Angove, Sales and Marketing Director at the Alton Towers Resort, said: “It’s a great joint venture between the Alton Towers Resort and SEGA. The affiliation of both brands will add to the great family offering at the Resort for kids seeking fabulous family fun and adrenalin addicted adults”.

Sonic The Hedgehog has starred in a number of videogames since his first appearance on the SEGA Mega Drive back in 1991, his next videogame outing will be Sonic and SEGA All-stars Racing, launching Feb 26th 2010.

We imagine bookings for the SEGA hotel room have already sold out thanks to the force of nature named SEGA Nerds, however we'll try and get a sneak peak later this year because quite frankly, we love a bit of Alton Towers.

Hmm... video game-based theme park rides - whatever next? Nemesis anyone?


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Raylax said:

There'll be a camera on the rollercoaster so that you can get a souvenir photo when you get off. But naturally, it'll be facing in completely the wrong direction. joke

I wanna go



RadioShadow said:

Unless wiki is lying, it's just "Spinball Whizzer" being re-themed.

Plus it's not the first time he has appeared in Alton Towers. One room in the Toyland Tours ride had Sonic holding a controller, next to the Master System (Might have been a Mega Drive) with Sonic 3 playing on the Monitor screen. Unfortunately they removed him.



Starwolf_UK said:

@Dragoon. Those power-up boxes were called monitors back in the old days In Sonic 1 and 2 they loosely resemble computer monitors (I guess for 1991/1992 they are really high-tech). For Sonic 3 they changed the design to closely resemble the Macintosh Color Classic or Macintosh LC computer. It seems in subsequent games they went back to monitors. I guess these days he should be smashing flatscreen TVs or something...



Morpheel said:

thats actually a rollercoaster & hotel i would love to visit, and im not even a sonic fan.
(the only game i have finished is sonic adventure 2, and mostly for the chao pet system, the same goes to sonic advance+pinball, two mini chao gardens ftw!)



JakobG said:

Isn't that, like 10-20 years too late?
And who chose the picture?
Sonic-fangirls? shudder




I haven't been to Alton Towers in some time now. I should pay it a visit!

I expect like a lot of British people, I've been to it so many times. Ahhh, the memories



William90 said:

Everyone talks about the bad 3D games, but Sonic still has many great handheld games nowadays.

It's been 10 years since I last went to Alton Towers, this looks cool

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