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Mega Man Zero Collection Aims Westward

Posted by Jon Wahlgren

Z-Busting North America in early summer

We knew it was happening at some point, but now Capcom has announced that the upcoming DS release Mega Man Zero Collection is officially on its way out of Japan.

The compilation will bring together all four of the GameBoy Advance Mega Man Zero games for "a great price" early this summer in North America.

Check out the new screenshots of old games in the gallery and get caught up on series lore with the press release below.


A Collection of the Legendary Mega Man ZERO Titles Bundled Together For On-The-Go Action!

SAN MATEO, Calif — January 28, 2010 — Capcom®, a leading worldwide developer and publisher of video games, today announced that the Mega Man® ZERO Collection is coming to Nintendo DS™. The Mega Man ZERO Collection is comprised of all four Mega Man ZERO titles bundled together. Having sold over 500 thousand units in North America, all four titles will be available on one DS cartridge for the first time at a great price. The portable Mega Man® fun will begin when the title arrives in early Summer 2010.

The first Mega Man ZERO game was released in 2002 on the GameBoy® Advance. It featured Zero, a popular Capcom character that was introduced in the Mega Man® X series. The Mega Man ZERO series follows Zero through a dark and thrilling 2D action-adventure with high-quality visuals and action. Users can expect to make use of Zero’s trademarks weapons like the Z-sabor and Buster Shot. There will also be interesting devices like the Chain Rod and Zero Knuckle. For the first time, the Mega Man ZERO series will be available for Nintendo DS™, complete with all-new modes.

In Mega Man Zero our hero awakens after 100 years of sleep to a world where innocent reploids (robots) are unjustly attacked by an organization called "Neo Arcadia". This new government has turned the world into a place where it is extremely hard for reploids to live and where they are under constant persecution. Reploids who have managed to escape from the punishment flee to an old city which now lies in ruin, but the evil Neo Arcadia is closing-in on their location. A genius scientist named Ciel, who lives with the innocent reploids in hopes of saving them, tries to revive the legendary reploid Mega Man Zero in order to save the cornered reploids. As Mega Man Zero, it is up to you to save the world.

In Mega Man® Zero 2, it has been one year since Zero saved the reploids and defeated the evil advance of Copy X and Neo Arcadia. Nevertheless, Neo Arcadia still hunts him and sets a trap for our hero. His plan is to trick Zero and use him to wreak chaos between reploids and humans once again. But, can he succeed?

Mega Man® Zero 3 is set in a world called "Neo Arcadia" that has been created as a utopia for humans and reploids. This new chapter continues the adventure of the series' title hero, Zero, and his reploid allies in the Resistance group who are fighting for peace. In Mega Man Zero 3, Zero encounters a malevolent new reploid called Omega who has unleashed the evil power of the Dark Elf to brainwash the Resistance in order to take over Neo Arcadia. As the only one who has escaped the brainwashing attack, Zero must fight to save his allies and Neo Arcadia.

Mega Man® Zero 4 picks up right after the events of Mega Man Zero 3. After falling under the evil rule of Dr. Weil, Neo Arcadia has collapsed into a state of chaos and confusion. Zero discovers this disastrous turn of events when he and his friends come to the rescue of a band of humans fleeing Neo Arcadia. Now it’s up to our hero Zero to resolve this terrible conflict between humans and reploids to restore peace and security to the land. With new systems to seize enemy weapons and create strengthening chips, plus new Cyber elf programs to introduce new abilities, this is some of the most exhilarating Mega Man action you can get in a handheld experience.

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pixelman said:

Awesome. Never had a chance to play the GBA games, so this is great for me.



Spaceboy said:

Ugh. I want the Donkey Kong collection. Complete with a new DKC4. But why even mention it, everybody who's anybody knows everybody wants the same thing. A new Mario collection would be nice



Aronos said:

Well I already own all 4 zero games on the GBA, so I probably own't pick this one up. Maybe if it includes a ton of new stuff, or bonus materials.
It's a very good thing for people who maybe only own 1-2 games or none and want a chance to play them. They are some of my all time favorite GBA games.



Miyabi273 said:

They're hard beyond belief for me but if I ever get the hang of it I'd probably buy it.



Dezner said:

OMG YES!! I already own and love the hell out of the original 4 GBA games, and I'm still going to get this! I can't wait!



Digiki said:

I've only not played the fourth game, let us see if the added content is worth it



Atlantis1982 said:

Are we really so shocked with this?

Honestly, if Mega Man 9's difficulty was any indication, I am not sure if I could handle these four games.



motang said:

I am so looking forward to this one, I never played the GBA games and I have always like Zero more than Mega Man



Highpotion said:

I'm hoping they'll add a secret hidden game(s) like they did in past Mega Man collection games.



Stuffgamer1 said:

"complete with all-new modes."

Here's hoping one of those is an "easy" mode. Otherwise, I'm NOT interested.



Donatello said:

The Only Mega Man series I've never played. I will be getting this for sure.
And if you ask me, besides all of those crappy never ending Battle Network games, the ZX(out of the two) games have been the worst. ZX is officially the worst Mega Man game i've ever played. I hate that game with a passion. The ear grating tunes, the horrible confusing and boring exploration, useless map, insane difficulty totaly threw me off ;p

Hopefully I wont feel the same way about the Zero Series.



Kurona said:

@Donatello - Erm, I've only played a bit of MMZ4, but the Mega Man Zero games are known for their difficulty. Especially the first one, according to my brother. Mega Man Zero 4 is supposed to be a bit easier, though.



Ch3p3 said:

im so excited i didnt get the Zero Saga from the GBA cuze i only have the DSi, anyways BRAVO!!!!



Donatello said:

@Kurona I shouldn't of said the word difficult. I ment to say Irritating, because that's the perfect word that describes ZX ;p

Hell I wish MM9 would of been a tad harder. Dont get me wrong it was challenging in parts, especially the tough as nails Dr.Wily. But it has nothing as far as difficulty goes on the X series (X2 - X6) Anyways, so i take it you're a fan of Klonoa? Amazing game hehe, one of my favorites for the wii



Donatello said:

I also managed to beat ZX too...why I put myself through that torture i dont know ;p...I think i wouldn't of hated it that much if it werent for the horrible and tedious confusing exploration parts. I mean after all isn't that the difference between Z and ZX? ZX adds exploration, a map and those suit abilities. And imo all of these additions ruined the game, because they were poorly excuted(besides the suits) even the levels themselves werent that fun most of the time. All in all, if the exploration and Map were ditched, i garuntee i would of had a better time iwth it.



KyubiStewie said:

I missed out on the GBA originals, so I'm very excited to play it again on my DSi . Can't wait! Maybe it'll cost $20 or $30.

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