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pixelman said:

Hooray! Looking forward to this collection since I never had a chance to play the GBA carts. That trailer looks pretty sweet, too.



Iggy said:

I cant wait to get this game I wanted to play these when they were on the gba but never got around to buying them. So its going to be awesome to get all 4 of them in one cartridge. Day 1 purchase for me



danschemen said:

i have the first 2 and i'm REALLY bad at them. but i heard that this one will have an easier mode.



fishman100 said:

I'm planning on getting this one today, regardless of the reviews. I love the series!!!!



Slayer said:

Love these games, beaten all 4 about 20 times. 4 is my favorite because it recreates Megaman X most.



FX29 said:

I finally got the Mega Man Zero Collection, took me forever to find a copy. This is a must buy for any Mega Man fan!



Amateur said:

Great collection and great games. But I'm sad that it was a short series, but who's cares? It was a great experience altogether.

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