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Feature: The Confusing World of Mega Man Spin-Offs - Part 1

The Confusing World of Mega Man Spin-Offs - Part 1

Stay with us

We've already talked about the ten numbered console games in the Classic Mega Man series, but as you are no doubt aware that barely scratches the surface when it comes to Capcom's classic franchise. We could spend several weeks spotlighting all of the titles released across all platforms — and, believe us, we'd love to — but we...

News: Lucky Australians, You Get Mega Man Zero Collection Before Europe

Lucky Australians, You Get Mega Man Zero Collection Before Europe

Only a day earlier, though

The great Gods of Australian game releases are a picky bunch: with one hand they taketh away Bejeweled 2, with the other they giveth Mega Man Zero Collection on June 10th. Yep, Capcom is bringing the Z-busting compendium over just two short days after the North American release and one day before its European launch, far from the typical waiting period of weeks or even..

News: Mega Man Zero Collection Announced for June Release

Mega Man Zero Collection Announced for June Release

Spend $30, get Zero (now with trailer!)

We previously reported that this game was to be released in Japan, and Capcom just announced its Western debut on June 8th. You can preorder it now and pick it up for just $29.99. Mega Man Zero Collection encompasses all four releases in the Game Boy Advance series, originally introduced in 2002. Additional features include both the games' original difficulty..

News: Nintendo UK Wheels Out Spring Wii, DS Line-Up

Nintendo UK Wheels Out Spring Wii, DS Line-Up

Few surprises, but No More Heroes 2 coming sooner than expected

In case you were wondering what would be hitting Wii and DS this spring in the UK, Nintendo's little ol' list right here will come in handy. The dates of big games like Super Mario Galaxy 2 and Monster Hunter 3 Tri were already confirmed, so there are few surprises for notable game dates here. That isn't to say there aren't any:..

News: Mega Man Zero Collection Aims Westward

Mega Man Zero Collection Aims Westward

Z-Busting North America in early summer

We knew it was happening at some point, but now Capcom has announced that the upcoming DS release Mega Man Zero Collection is officially on its way out of Japan. The compilation will bring together all four of the GameBoy Advance Mega Man Zero games for "a great price" early this summer in North America. Check out the new screenshots of old games in..

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User Comments (13)



pixelman said:

Hooray! Looking forward to this collection since I never had a chance to play the GBA carts. That trailer looks pretty sweet, too.



Iggy said:

I cant wait to get this game I wanted to play these when they were on the gba but never got around to buying them. So its going to be awesome to get all 4 of them in one cartridge. Day 1 purchase for me



danschemen said:

i have the first 2 and i'm REALLY bad at them. but i heard that this one will have an easier mode.



fishman100 said:

I'm planning on getting this one today, regardless of the reviews. I love the series!!!!



Slayer said:

Love these games, beaten all 4 about 20 times. 4 is my favorite because it recreates Megaman X most.



FX29 said:

I finally got the Mega Man Zero Collection, took me forever to find a copy. This is a must buy for any Mega Man fan!



Amateur said:

Great collection and great games. But I'm sad that it was a short series, but who's cares? It was a great experience altogether.

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