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Japanese Wii Sales Double in a Week

Posted by Brad Long

In translation: ker-ching!

Famitsu have reported the Wii's sales figures have risen from 46,674 units to 101,000 units over the week ending 6th December, boosted by the launch of Super Mario Bros. Wii in the homeland.

The notion that the Japanese only like small devices continues to be thwarted however by the DSi LL, with sales of over 62,000 in the same week, making up over half of the total 113,700 DS units combined.

As far as software goes, New Super Mario Bros. Wii dominated by selling just shy of a million copies in its first week, destroying sales of Phantasy Star Portable 2 on the PSP, which sold a respectable 287,000 copies.

It remains to be seen whether the Wii will continue to rise or whether this is just a spike in sales for the console. Either way, you can be assured that Iwata has a smile on his face, if only for this week!


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Ike-Mike said:

So Nintendo really managed to make a new killer app after so long.



Ren said:

dang I want that game too. I'm a sucker for mario, but also a sucker for paying my bills first. Maybe post holidays.



AVahne said:

ah, now let's see how much the sales will spike when Metroid Other M and Mario Galaxy 2 hits......not to mention when Zelda comes out and all those awesome 3rd party titles coming next year.........and i still want them to make Fire Emblem 12 already



Percentful said:

I most certainly hope that Nintendo is doing well in Japan, considering they get [almost] everything good before us. [we did get this game first though!]



greyelephant said:

Just bought my second Wii today. With the promotion by Walmart (buy a wii get a $50.00 gift card), I just couldn't pass it up.



Token_Girl said:

Raylax, that might be the most amazing .gif I have ever seen. No, that is the most amazing .gif I have ever seen.




Sony's latest trash talking session make them look reaaly, really stupid. They should save face next time and shut up. They should also concentrate on not making soulless and exclusional gaming.

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