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Mon 9th Nov 2009

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Toko24 commented on Talking Point: The Blurring Lines of Kickstart...:

I think its a good idea to look to kickstarter but its become somewhat overused as a indie dev (starting lol) Its really hard to find funding and i kinda understand why everys been running to kickstarter. Now its flooded and its kinda hard to see the ones worth putting money into and others not... Double-sided blade feeling going on



Toko24 commented on Monster Hunter 3 Tri Delayed In North America:

B..But thats not fair ive been waiting so long >.<!!

Ugh well whatever i hope that this means no lag like the other guy said cause that would suck to wait just to get crappy online lag :/



Toko24 commented on Pallurikio Release Dates Announced:

I think it looks pretty cool alot of lvls seems a little hard but hey that just means ill be playing it more to try and beat it!

Not a insta-buy but im gonna get it soon