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Nintendo's Denise Kaigler Calls It Quits

Posted by Jon Wahlgren

Steps down for family reasons

After two years on the job, Nintendo of America's Denise Kaigler has stepped down from her position as vice president of corporate affairs.

Kaigler revealed the news in IGN's Nintendo Minute, a weekly feature where she would (try to) answer a question about the company's operations.

It's a fact of life that job and family often pull us in opposite directions. As regular readers of [IGN's Nintendo Minute] know, this has proved particularly challenging for me, as I've spent the last two years commuting almost constantly between San Francisco, Seattle, New York and my home in New England. It has been a fantastic adventure, but the time has come where I need to choose one over the other … and I have to choose my family.

A tough choice to make, but we wish her all the best!


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V8_Ninja said:

WARNING: some may find this offensive, but with the recently discovered "Nintendo isn't letting third party games on the VC" thing, I can't help but be skeptical. However, if this is true, I'm deeply sorry to any and all who were offended by this (Not that that will get me anywhere ).

I'm not so sure this was for "family" reasons. On the Nintendo Minute articles on IGN, she constantly gives small hints to upcoming game announcements/small reveals to different things. And knowing how Nintendo seems to be going in the plot of the universe, They didn't want her to give anymore small hints away.



JonWahlgren said:

@V8: I highly doubt Kaigler was booted for going rogue in Nintendo Minute. You can probably remove the tinfoil hat



Stevie said:

I heard she quit because she was offered a job where the office had a Microwave, Soft seating and a 360 degree panoramic view.



Odnetnin said:

@V8+Ninja Uh, I think Nintendo at least approved of her doing the weekly feature with IGN, and I'm sure they told her what she could and couldn't say.



Hardy83 said:

People hate her, but it's her job. She's the one that answers the questions for people about Nintendo. The problem is that she doesn't decide what can be answered and what can't, people like Reggie are... So the fact that she never really answered anything or just spit out BS wasn't her decision. It's just her job.

It's like calling customer service for your cell phone and yelling at them about the service when they have nothing to do with it.

Considering she was with Nintendo, I'm sure she'll have an easy time finding another well payed job. Best of luck.



Sean_Aaron said:

Too bad, she was quite amusing in her obfuscation during those Nintendo Minutes -- and she's well fit!



OverlordMao said:

It kind of figures that Nintendo needs her MORE than her family does.
Oh well, I think she chose the right path.

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