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Mario Bricks Himself

Posted by James Newton

40,000 bricks recreate Nintendo icon

He may be more into the plumbing business, but that doesn't mean Mario can't get involved in the bricklaying side of things too, as this story proves.

Made as part of the LEGO World Fair, this blocky brother measures nearly 6' tall and weighs over 110lbs, so whilst it may not be a hugely realistic effigy of the plumber it certainly looks the part.

It took over 40,000 bricks to make this stand-up fellow and after completion it was auctioned for charity, raising over $5,000 for the Netherlands' Ronald McDonald House Charity. Quite how they're going to send it in the post is as-yet uncertain.


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Corbs said:

Everything I ever build with the Legos looked like crap. One thing I have no talent with are Legos. And whoever stuck with that Mario statue long enough to pull that off deserves some serious kudos. Wow!



V8_Ninja said:

As a video game fan and a Lego enthusiast, this is basically my ultimate dream.



Raylax said:

That must've taken forever to make. You'd be pretty pee'd off if someone dropped it D:



Machu said:

6' tall!?

I've been playing a lot of lego recently, whilst babysitting mini-ones, this has inspired me to create Nintendo stuff. Yay!



Noire said:

I guess this is as close as we'll ever get to a Lego Super Mario Bros then, eh?

Looks absolutely fantastic. Props to the person(s) who put it together; must have taken a lot of effort and time.



warioswoods said:

I wonder if it's hollow. It wouldn't really make sense to fill in all those inner blocks that no one will see anyhow, wasting bricks, time, and increasing weight.



warioswoods said:

Bah, with careful engineering they could have supported the height and still left a good bit of it hollowed out. But it's still quite an accomplishment.



Ricardo91 said:

I wish I had the skills and patience to make something like that. All my original Lego creations were lame.



RevolverLink said:

That's amazing, I wish I had the patience to build something like that. I also wish I hadn't given all of my Legos to my brother.



Big_A2 said:

Seriously guys, no-one has enoung of each colour to make something like that, you'd have to work for the LEGO Company to get the required peices.



Viral said:

Corby has the coolest avitar now...

And the Mario Lego definitely outdoes my own Lego Star Wars stuff. lol

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