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Competitions: Spore Hero (Wii) Giveaway!

Posted by Anthony Dickens

North American readers finally get the chance to win a copy of the recently released Spore Hero game by EA.

Along with our friends at EA we're giving you the chance to win a US copy of Spore Hero for Nintendo Wii to celebrate its recent release. The competition is open to US readers only this time, to give yourself a chance of wining Spore Hero just answer the question!

Finally a competition for you North American readers, huge thanks to EA for putting this together and we promise this will be the first of many competitions for American readers. Keep an eye on the site tomorrow for yet another competition going live.

Head on over to the competition page and submit your entry today - good luck!

[via Competition: Spore Hero Wii Giveaway]

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Noire said:

Keep an eye on the site tomorrow for yet another competition going live.

Mwahahahahahahaha...You will be mine...



Flandy said:

i'm glad we got a compettion as stated in comment #9
but theres a bit of a problem

I dont know the answer :[



Stuffgamer1 said:

First contest for America, and it's for what...Spore Hero? Compare that to Metroid Prime Trilogy and Mario & Sonic at the Winter Olympic Games (plus whatever else I don't recall at this time and don't feel like trying to look up), and I'd say we're STILL getting screwed. Yes, I'm cynical. But there's no reason to expect me to be outright HAPPY for a contest for a second-rate (if that) game when Europe gets tons of triple-A stuff.



Objection said:

Nice contest, I entered. I hope tomorrow's contest is a certain DS RPG, THAT'S the one I really want to win.



Twilight_Crow said:

I double checked and Digiki is right there's more to NA than the states, can you imagine!
Anyway, good luck in the contest for all my US friends



Stuffgamer1 said:

Hey, I didn't notice it before, but Digiki and Twilight Crow have a point! On this news page, it says "North American" twice. On the contest page itself, it says it's only open to "US readers." So this begs the question: Are our Canadian friends eligable or not? I'm guessing TC is outta luck either way, but what about Digiki and the rest of those wonderful northern neighbors of ours? Even though I don't personally think much of this prize, I don't like the ambiguity of these rules or apparent unfairness to certain other North Americans, either.



antdickens said:

No no, it IS open to North America (not just the US) however I had the competition page setup wrong fixed now.



Stuffgamer1 said:

Chibi Link has a point...what happened to that other contest that was suppoed to go live "tomorrow" (as of, as he said, three days ago)?

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