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Black Wii Homes in on Europe

Posted by James Newton

New colour to hit next month!

We've speculated, pontificated and downright invented when territories outside of Japan would see the majestic yet shadowy form of the black Wii console, but finally Nintendo have put us out of our misery by announcing the new console colour will be available across continental Europe on November 20th.

The even better news for UK fans is they're set to receive it two weeks earlier, with the dusky machine ready to leap off shop shelves on November 6th. That's a black Wii, Remote, Nunchuk, MotionPlus and regular coloured copies of Wii Sports and Wii Sports Resort, all for a lovely - and not at all shady - £179.99, the standard price as the bright and whimsical white console.

There's still no word on when the console will be available in North America, but for now we're just happy Nintendo are showing Europeans some chromatic console lovin'.


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SanderEvers said:

Sorry Nintendo, a little bit too late for a black Wii, but I'll take a WiiMote(+) and nunchuck please



JimLad said:

In time for christmas, they're ensuring their dominance of the holiday season sales, with this and the new DSi colours.
Glad to see WSR thrown in.



Golgo said:

Who needs a new Starfox, Kid Icarus, etc., when you can have a whole different colour? Let the good times roll...



Caliko said:

I was hoping this would include the first Wiimote with integrated motion+.

Still no news on Nintendo Life about the free NES game for those who purchased the Internet channel huh?
Well its available NOW dudes!!




Nice, but I think I'll stick to my humble white one and get more games with the budget I may have spent on this aesthetic.



Sean_Aaron said:

Groovy. I like the black remote jacket and motionplus and including both Wii Sports and Wii Sports Resort and the attachment? Well, that's just genius and will ensure more sales of the standalone motion plus -- of course they'll have to sell those in black as well, won't they?

I had sworn off Wii Sports Resort, but if the price dips below the £44.99 retail closer to Xmas I just might use some of the GAME credit I've got laying about to plump for it...



ReZon said:

It looks great in black... about 2-3 years late in my opinion, but it still looks good.



Hoffkage said:

The pack is greater with the add of Wii Sports Resort and the blackness adds a deeper sense of sexiness.



RyuZebian said:

Great, Nintendo. Good choice. This aught to make a few more thousand people get a Wii. But the people here knew that you could have just changed the shell of your Wii if the color didn't suit you... Oh well, I guess you guys are just like me - to lazy to do it!



Reala said:

Is it really a limited edition thing? so the color isn't here to stay, just for a lucky few.



Objection said:

Too late for me and my interest(s), but it sure is shiny. To anyone who gets one, enjoy it. Try not to stare directly at it for long periods of time.



colmtheperson said:

Mite be worth my while handing trading in my old wii... Wsr with m+ €55 and wii remote with nunchuck €60. Pack will cost €200 so if I get more than €85 on trade in for my old wii I'd actually be making money by getting the black wii



motang said:

Very cool, and I shall not pretend that I am not jealous as I am pretty bad actor! I hope some of you will get one and have some really cool pics on Nintendo|Life for us to feast our eyes on it!

Originally I wanted my Wii in black, but had to settle for the White since Nintendo didn't many any other colour they had showed off at E3 conference.



Ren said:

Wow, thats really cool, and a great bundle, what is that about 300 US?
I only wish the stand was black too, kinda silly that it's grey, even for the white Wii.



Viral said:

Hmm, any news if this is the reason Nintendo is holding off posting Nintendo Wiis to competition winners? I'd love to get one of these bad boys!!!



Yosher said:

Too bad I already have a white one. Oh well, doesn't matter, black Wiimote/nunchuck will do too!



Sprace_Bot said:

DUDE!!!!!! i want one of these black wii's so they better get to Canada soon! I've been planning to get a wii for some time now this would be perfect!!!



Feld0 said:

Too much Virtual Console stuff for me to even consider this, but looks awesome nonetheless! Especially that we've got Wii Sports Resort AND a MotionPlus in there!

My launch Wii still works as well as ever, and that's after surviving several 80cm drops, being knocked sideways while on its stand numerous times, and surviving my cat's abuse before I finally laid it on its side and put it behind a glass door. Besides, I like Photo Channel 1.0.

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