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LostWinds: Winter of the Melodias Teaser Trailer Appears

Posted by Damien McFerran

Footage of WiiWare sequel hits the net

The original LostWinds was rather good, by all accounts. For the record, we absolutely adored it and it quickly became WiiWare's first "must have" download.

Therefore it should come as no surprise to learn that we're rather excited about the upcoming sequel, Winter of the Melodias.

The recent unveiling of the official teaser trailer has done nothing to stem this enthusiasm - you can check it out below - and we're now of the opinion that this could be one of the best WiiWare releases ever.

Feast your eyes and afterwards keep them peeled, as we've got some exciting exclusive content coming up related to this game that will "blow you away". Ahem.

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Ah, the same Lost Winds immersiveness and cute gameplay. Makes me smile. Can't wait for this to be released



skywake said:

The comments on that Kotaku article are hilarious. Some guy is complaining about how Nintendo have made a mistake because he "needs to buy an SD card for all these games".

I guess it would be a good argument if 2GB SD cards didn't cost less than Lost Winds itself.......



Alexei123 said:

Yay!! Lost Winds was the first WiiWare game I bought!! I think? And it's probably in my opinion the best!!



Objection said:

I simply can't wait. It looks fantastic with new weather features and a seemingly longer campaign.



WolfRamHeart said:

This looks really great! I am anxious to see what kind of exclusive content Nintendo Life will be bringing us on this game.



John3714 said:

I think I'm one of the few who grew rather bored with the first one. I beat it, but I had to force myself to keep going. In fact, this made me tentative to buy NyxQuest. I'm glad I did buy that one!

That said, I will still probably check this out. I'm a sucker for hype.



motang said:

I started playing Lost Wind again, in anticipation of finishing it up before this one comes out.



Supermarioman said:

I still am the one person who is against Lostwinds no matter what, I just hate it with a passion. The games feels just wierd to me!



Omega said:

^ Hey, I like that comment. I think it's not always best to run with the pack and it takes a strong person to do what they feel is best when others are saying something different.



BulbasaurusRex said:

I don't like controlling my characters indirectly, so I'm never getting NyxQuest or either LostWinds.



WeeGee said:

Agreed, I really liked the game but thought it was kinda boring, but great for a $10 purchase. I'll definetly get the sequel, but it does look like more of the same.



Awesome5 said:

I never got the first one, most because of concerns about the short length. If they can bump up the game time, then I'll consider this.



Scorps said:

I got the fist episode and I had really appreciated it... excepted for its too short length. I can't wait for this second one!

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