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Muramasa: The Demon Blade "Massive Attack" Trailer

Posted by Corbie Dillard

Here's the second of two new videos of the game in action!

Ignition Entertainment was kind enough to end over two more brand new gameplay videos of their upcoming 2D action/side-scroller Muramasa: The Demon Blade in action.

This article highlights the second trailer aptly titled "Massive Attack" and shows you some of the effective attack combos at your disposal.

You can check out the "Massive Attack" gameplay trailer below, along with a snippet of information that accompanied the video.

Follow the deadly samurai Kisuke and the dangerously beautiful Momohime as they take on an unbelievable host of enemies. Watch as these two steadfast warriors use powerful combos and special attacks to cripple an array of ancient Japanese enemies. Be sure to watch the entire video and keep an eye on the combo count – it’s unbelievable.

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We'll keep you informed of any future Muramasa: The Demon Blade developments, and we'll have a full review as soon as the game hits store shelves on September 9th. In the meantime, don't forget to check out the official Muramasa: The Demon Blade website.


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JamieO said:

I live in UK, but I have an American Wii. I normally import from an online Canadian shop, they are listing this as available on Tues 1st Sept 2009, but that can't be right (before September 9th US release).
I definitely want Muramasa, it looks incredible, but I will wait for Nintendo Life review first before buying.



Tails said:

every video i've seen makes me literally die a little more inside with happiness i can't wait for this title its gonna be so epic not too much Longer HURRY UP SEPTEMBER 8TH >.<!



Devastator said:

This game looks pretty bad ass. If I don't buy this game, I'm surely going to rent it.



Adam said:

I was expecting something to do with the band Massive Attack. Oh well, moving on.

Looks mindlessly repetitive and dull. The game was a lot more attractive when we just had screens to go by. It breaks my heart to be so uninterested in such a beautiful 2D game being made for home console, but it's unfortunately the case.



mojo25 said:

They shoulda called this Viewtiful Okami Joe. Nahhh...

My point is, this game looks awesome. It has a lot of enemies that look similar to the ones in Okami, which btw was my favorite rpg ever. sigh good times...



Corbs said:

@ Adam - You find this mindlessly repetitive and dull, yet you like Earthbound?



Cthuloops said:

Watched the live stream of this game. That was a lot of fun. Ignition answered a lot of my questions there.



Zenman said:

wow, just look at how good the animation flows, it's like watching a movie



Objection said:

Found typo: "Ignition Entertainment was kind enough to end over two more brand new gameplay videos"

This is looking so sleek and awesome. I may have to get this sooner than I thought.



Crazed said:

This only makes me sad that I won't be able to play this on Sept. 3. Ah well, this game still looks amazing...

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