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Bit.Trip Core Gets European Date

Posted by Jon Wahlgren

Prepare to thumb dance on August 21

European fans waiting to continue the musical and psychadelic journey of Commander Video, the end is nigh.

Bit.Trip Core, the second release in Gaijin Games' crazy difficult retro-inspired saga, is slated for an August 21 release in the Old World. For the sequel, you're put literally in the middle of the action and must fend off swarms of angry, colorful pixels coming at you from all around.

We rather liked the game when it hit the US, and some of us even have hair left on our heads after playing it. Will you?


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King_Elemento said:

I've still yet to play the first one, but I'll make certain to get the whole series eventually.



Blue_Protoman said:

I actually don't find this game too hard. To me, the difficulty is just right. Same goes for BEAT.

I must be such a fool.

EDIT: I mean I must be so awesome. D'oh!



ganondwarf16 said:

good for you europeans I hope NOA swaps us smash in return but i'm neither complaining nor expecting it



DK_vs_KK said:

@ CommanderVideo:
Hey, I just bought Bit. Trip Beat and I love it! You must have had so much fun designing all those patterns! I'm stuck on Growth, though (Man, that's a hard stage!). Oh yeah, sorry if you're not the guy who made Bit. Trip Beat, but I saw another guy talk to you about it, so I thought you were.




That's good news for the NoE wiiware service but I won't be downloading it. Bit Trip Beat was good but too hard to be enjoyable in the long run IMHO. Beat Trip Core takes the difficulty higher according to the reviews. So thanks, but no thanks.



Machu said:

Good news indeed. I need to finish beat between now and then. 0_o



Gavin_Rozee said:

Are the levels in the same structure as Beat's? As in three stupidly long levels? I'd have preferred 6 but half the length. I'll be getting it anyway, but an answer would be helpful.



nintendoduffin said:

With this and Probotector Rebirth (what the f*** is Contra? ) coming out this month, I'm pretty set for new games.



Sean_Aaron said:

Yes, still three levels Gavin. Game is excellent though quite difficult. I think I'm near the first boss, but it's hard to say!



Rum_Rapture said:

I'll try to finish BEAT before considering CORE. That is to say, I might never get my hands on it!!



Corbs said:

What is a Probotector? Sounds like something you shove up your rectum?



Philip_J_Reed said:

It's true...this is definitely a thumb-popper. Can't wait to see which body parts get abused in Bit.Trip 3...



calculon said:

@Corbie. Sure does. It name could also be associated with a cool toy for the kiddies too, which is a terrifying concept when you think about it XD



b_willers said:

Anyone know what time Nintendo updates the shop? I may have a late night for this one!



nintendo87 said:

i cant beat level 2 i played it for many days and still cant beat the boss in level 2 i can get to wave 3 if im lucky

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