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Suda 51: I'd Love Travis Touchdown to Star in Smash Bros.

Posted by Damien McFerran

Designer has big plans for No More Heroes character

No More Heroes was a proper hoot, with intense action, twisted humour and some serious Otaku love. The sequel is inbound, and its creator is hoping that lead Travis Touchdown will go on to become an even bigger star than he is now.

No More Heroes designer and Grasshopper Manufacture head Goichi Suda (AKA: Suda 51) had this to say:

I love him (Travis), and I want him to be a huge star. That's why I'm working very hard to make this game as interesting as possible. Maybe in the future, we can see him fighting alongside Link in the next Smash Bros. [laughs] That would be great.

Here's hoping - but given the previous poor retail track record of the series both here and in Japan, we're not sure Link has anything to worry about just yet.


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Machu said:

That wouldn't be great, that would be THE BEST THING EVER!
His move-set would be so sweet! Knock him down and he'll do a flip on the way back up delivering a round house to Mario, Wario, and Snake. Multiple Katana's, wrestling moves, and just imagine the taunts.
Why are you teasing us so?



XCWarrior said:

He would make for a great Smash character. I would love to see more third party characters in the next installment to put us at 48, as +12 or so seems to be the next number.



motang said:

You know what Suda 51, we would also love to have Travis in Smash Bros, that would be freaking awesome!



wanderlustwarrior said:

I've hoped for since I first played the game. Maybe it'll come true (especially now that M characers aren't necessarily off limits.

How's this for a final smash: "Go, GO, Yeah-heah! ANNARCHY IN THE GALAXY!!!!"



Egg_miester said:

sadly for sudan 51 travis will never be a big name star just have some small die hard cult following but in smash bros. he could be fun



Schembeck said:

No More Heroes is AWESOME! But there's a loooong way before having what it takes to appear in Super Smash hehe
And thats going to be difficult if they're selling the franchise to another console :/
Well... humans are full of surprises ^^



Mabbit said:

no way! i think that smash bros should stay 98% nintendo characters. Plus nintendo is picky with its cast anyway



Mabbit said:

oh yeah and if hes not gonna be on the wii for the next game, then his chances are even lower



Cthuloops said:

That would be sweet to have him in the next Smash. I'd love to see him doing his wrestling moves for the grabs and such.
Also, we need moar F-Zero and Metroid love in Smash Bros. Nintendo!!!



Kelvin said:

I'd love to see Travis in the game. If the dull-as-mud Snake gets in, then why not Travis?



AVahne said:

awesome he would be great as a smash bros character,he could join Snake and Sonic as a 3rd party character in the next game



nintendoduffin said:

I like the final smash moves, the best bit is when the ball appears and everyone is trying to get it first.



Crazed said:

It's important to remember that Sonic and Snake were voted in through Japanese gamers, so even if Travis gets on the ballot, he'll probably get trumped by other hopeful brawlers. At best, I can see Travis being an assist trophy (like Waluigi with a sword), but even that seems far-fetcthed.



Popyman said:

@Crazed: Snake wasn't. Kojima himself asked. He was going to be in Melee, but they ran out of time or something. I bet if Suda51 just asked Sakura he'd let Travis in, he would be perfect for SSB.



Chunky_Droid said:

Yeah, apparently Sakura was only going to put characters in Smash Bros. if the company of the 3rd party character approached him. Which is why Megaman never made it, Capcom never approached Sakura with the possibility. Kojima asked, and SEGA approached Iwata who approached Sakura I believe.

If Suda really wants Travis in the game he'll go ask, lol.

But I'm not really sure how far long a new Smash Bros would be considering Sora Inc. is making a completely new IP at the moment.

Actually, I'd like to see Travis vs. CAPTAIN RAINBOW! That'd be cool



Adam said:

Hey look, I can hold a fluorescent light bulb and curse like an imbecile, too. Man, I'm edgy. I hope I get in the next Smash Brothers.



blackknight77 said:

I think this guy is nuts. First he says he is not putting another No More Heroes on Wii, but then he wants this guy in Smash Bros. and loves the Wii Vitality sensor. I can't wait to see what his next crazy quote is.



astarisborn94 said:

Not a fan of the series, since I'm too young, but I would love to see him in Super Smash Bros. 4, if that ever happens.



Ricardo91 said:

@Digiki and Wanderlust. I actually like the Final Smashes. They add an extra layer of randomness to the combat (half the fun of the series), and they give you an advantage when you're doing badly.

Travis Touchdown as a SB character would be kinda cool I guess, but I'd rather have Mega Man and Tails/Knuckles...



Popyman said:

@Adam: Heh, have you played No More Heroes? Everyone, including Travis himself, all agree that he is a loser. Maybe that's his appeal =P



wanderlustwarrior said:

@Adam: Its not that simple, theres also social commentary, badassery, self-deprecatory humor, badassery, well thought out characters, and badassery. If you haven't played it, I hope you do, and if you have, I hope you play it again and listen closely to what is said.

"Final" Smashes appear way too often for my liking. When they were announced, I assumed (and it was stated) that we'd see maybe 1 or 2 a match. They also are bias towards characters that have better movement capabilities. Also, they're ridiculously broken. some do minimal damage, while others are near unavoidable, last forever, or are ridiculously overpowered.



wanderlustwarrior said:

I do turn them off. But, let's say I'm playing online. It seems to be a random selection as to who's item choices are picked. Either that, or it's the host's choice.



Clayfrd said:

Travis would be an incredibly easy character to implement. The only thing to figure out would be jumping, I suppose.

Let me clear this up...
Noun: Bias
Adjective form: to be biased.
Get it right.

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