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Phazon Suit Samus Figurine Lights Up Your Life

Posted by Jon Wahlgren

Hand-painted figurines getting a limited run.

Looking for what is possibly the coolest Metroid nightlight ever forged by the hands of man? First 4 Figures would like your attention for a moment.

Pulling inspiration from the latter act of Metroid Prime, the elaborate figurine company's latest concoction is a hand-painted Phazon Suit Samus, standing tall at 11.5" (about 29 cm) on top of a mirror base. Embedded throughout the suit are 25 LED lights for maximum flashy. The best part is possibly the internal IC chip that senses light levels; when the room goes dark, the LEDs begin to fade out slowly. Snazzy!

Only a limited run of 1500 figurines will be made, so if you've got an extra $225 US to burn and really like Metroid, well, you certainly could do a lot worse.


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Knux said:

Who wants to trade $225 for my beta version of Superman 64 Rebirth?



Megumi said:

I dunno if I should try and save up and get it before they go out...should I?



Noire said:

I was like, "Sweet," and then I saw the price tag, and I was like "Aw crap."

I'd rather spend my $225 on video games.



Atlantis1982 said:

Those baffled at figure prices...

Welcome to the world of nicely made figurines.

Honestly, is that really surprising?



TheScarletWolf said:

Pfft, I paid 110 USD for KOS-MOS in a bikini I think I could float this. I so need that for my figure collection... Excuse me, I have to go clean myself after drooling too much. It... it is just so beautiful...



Cthuloops said:

I saw this a while ago in Ninty Power. It's pretty cool, but not worth the $225 imo.



SilentJ said:

This is officially my most wanted figurine. No way would I spend that amount of money right now though. How about a Zero Suit Samus version? Better yet, a bikini version!



Machu said:

Why is everyone whining about the price? It's a limited edition collectible, a piece of gaming art if you will. $225 bucks is fair, though I could never justify buying it, as much as I might want to.



Linkuini said:

If I was enough of a snob to pay too much cash for a pretty, glowing paperweight like that, I would probably have a PS3.

I'm saving that image forever, though...



Shambo said:

sorry for such a late comment, but recently i saw one -just one- on ebay go for over €900. i bought mine in a local game store after they dropped their price to €150. and in all honesty, my girlfriend bought it for me.

both are still around and being taken well care of.

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