Looking for what is possibly the coolest Metroid nightlight ever forged by the hands of man? First 4 Figures would like your attention for a moment.

Pulling inspiration from the latter act of Metroid Prime, the elaborate figurine company's latest concoction is a hand-painted Phazon Suit Samus, standing tall at 11.5" (about 29 cm) on top of a mirror base. Embedded throughout the suit are 25 LED lights for maximum flashy. The best part is possibly the internal IC chip that senses light levels; when the room goes dark, the LEDs begin to fade out slowly. Snazzy!

Only a limited run of 1500 figurines will be made, so if you've got an extra $225 US to burn and really like Metroid, well, you certainly could do a lot worse.

[via first4figures.com, offworld.com]