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Pop Island Coming to DSiWare

Posted by Corbie Dillard

Odenis Studio developing new action/racer for DSiWare.

Odenis Studio is currently developing a new DSiWare title called Pop Island that will include a unique combination of both action and racing elements.

The game will allow players to use various animals to race each other. The game supports up to 8 players using the DS Download Play feature available on any DS system. So while you'll need at least one person with a DSi system to download the game, anyone else with a DS system can then take part in the races.

Below is a video of the game in action that gives a little indication of how the game will be played.

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We'll have more information on Pop Island as it becomes available, as well as a full review when the game hits the DSiWare service.


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SupermarketZombies said:

It'll be nice to have a 3D game out on DSiWare. Might set up more developers to put in the resources to make other 3D games for the service.



SwerdMurd said:

what a fantastic idea! As the only person in my circle of 5-DS-owning-friends to own a DSi, this is great news! I was really hoping for a wireless multiplayer feature for that soccer game...I'm so bad at solo



Jazzem said:

Wow, graphically that looks great for the DS (short draw distance aside), lovely style to it. Gameplay wise it looks...curious One to keep an eye on I reckon.

I actually thought it might be using the DSi's beefed up hardware abilities until I read it could be played in multiplayer with other DSes.



Cheezy said:

Will this be the first multiplayer DSiWare game? I don't know if there are any others, though.



astarisborn94 said:

Reply to Cheezy Post 8#: Actually, it's Mixed Messege that is DSiWare first mutiplayer game, but that one sucks.



Cheezy said:

@ Super Smash Bros. Fan1999 #10: Yeah, and you only used one DS anyway to pass around the room, so it really doesn't count. I mean this will be the first multiplayer DSiWare game that actually uses more than one DS, which is cool.



Adam said:

Is it just me, or does anyone else have absolutely no idea what is happening in that video? Oh well, it at least looks very actiony and simple, which is a great concept for downloadable games.



KDR_11k said:

Hm, looks kinda confusing but then again it's probably one of those games where you only develop a sense of what's where when you play it.

Lots pretty decent. But anyone even heard of their previous game "Glory Day II"?

Yeah, it's a sidescrolling RTS and flight combat game, you fly air support missions while spending money on ground units that always move towards the enemy base, you get money by occupying bunkers with infantry (can even airdrop them), you can earn superweapon uses by bombing enemy units, etc. It's a lot of fun but fairly multiplayer focussed (two teams with up to 6 players each, supporting bots) and the only way to play that is multi-cart local multiplayer, since the game was fairly niche I doubt many people managed to get a round of it going. I think many people were also unwilling to pay retail for a game that's fairly simple. The first Glory Days was called Super Army War in the US.

I still think GD2 could have been bigger with more feasible multiplayer (preferrably online though singlecart would also have helped). It would probably get a lot of exposure if it were released on something like WiiWare, especially since it could also allow you to click on unit production buttons while still maneuvering your plane or chopper, on the DS you pretty much have to let go of the vehicle controls to use the production palette.

The last time I brought it up one commenter here said he knew Olivier Denis personally (apparently "ODenis Studio" is a one man company)...



Wesbert said:

Looks a bit like a capture-the-flag style of game with racers (or something similar to the multiplayer-battle mode of a kart-racer), rather than a normal racing game. Could be interesting.




The game looks interesting, looks like it uses some sort of voxel terrain engine.




The terrain looks cubic and not all that smooth. it just looks voxel like. Maybe it's a heightmap terrain.

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