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NSFW: Fan-made Muramasa Artwork Shows Plenty of Crack

Posted by Damien McFerran

Avert your eyes, little ones

Unofficial fan-made artwork usually falls into one of two camps - totally amazing or acutely embarrassing.

Thankfully, "Shura Momohime” - by the painfully talented Muuten - is firmly in the former category.

It's also happens to be a little bit rude, so don't click this link unless you're comfortable with seeing fictional video game characters "nekkid".

(Personally, we prefer the one without the gnarly tattoos. Ahem.)


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warioswoods said:

That's not asymmetry, it's just the result of the way her legs are positioned, with one angled up and to the side more. She's quite wonderfully callipygian, I might add.

Yes, perhaps I know a little too much about how all the minute variations in positioning and movement affect the look of the female derriere.



Damo said:

Hey - if you're gonna know too much about something, it might as well be lady's bottoms.



jangonov said:

Im in the no tattoo category. It reminds me of the old Japanese geisha paintings, but modern.



Wiiloveit said:

Hmm... I think the question that needs to be asked here is as follows:
Would you hit it?
My answer: HELL. YEAH.



Kittsy said:

@thewiirocks, it's not news, it's just awesome artwork. Ignore the pornographical imagery and just look at the brilliant art.
... or look at pr0n, whatever you like best.



Party_On_Dude said:

Well I think that artwork does look FIIIINNEE... or H-O-T to the core!!!
And I've been seeing, hearing, reading stuff about that Maramasa Demon Blade game over at Nintendo Everything; but NOW its got me interested with that HAWTNESS artwork... I mean fanartwork!!!
Bet if there was real artwork though it would be covered up & censored for over here in the NA States though, wink wink!!



ClevelandRock said:

I'm siding with thewiirocks on this one. Guys, please. Post releases, press announcements, reviews, and nothing else. You guys spam my RSS feeds enough already without posting every time you find weeaboo hentai.



The_Fox said:

@post 18.
I don't know if there are enough underage boys or tentacles in the images to call it hentai



Adam said:

I agree that this seems severely out of place for a supposed News update. I'd rather just get actual news here.

...sure is pretty though.



Objection said:

Well, it's obviously a ploy to get us to buy the game!! seems to be I was already looking at maybe getting this title but consider my interest further...aroused. (pun intended.)



MrPinguy said:

tsc, tsc.
If this is hentai, i am santa claus.
There is no sex porn whatsoever here.
People live their lives in so much taboo that can't apreciate a small picture of art?



Ricardo91 said:

Though I would've preferred a picture from the front, this is one sexy painting. I prefer the tatoo one, since I have a bit of a tatoo fetish.

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