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High Voltage To Reveal New IP At E3

Posted by Jon Wahlgren

Promise to deliver experiences "beyond jaw-dropping."

High Voltage Software, behind the much-touted FPS The Conduit, are busy, busy bees. So busy, in fact, that before they've even released one retail Wii game, they're already working on more.

"I won't say much about our new property until we unveil it at E3," said High Voltage Software chief creative officer Eric Nofsinger. "But I can guarantee that we are continuing to push our technology to the absolute limit in order to deliver experiences that are beyond jaw-dropping."

Pretty big talk right there. We already know that HVS are one of the more technically capable Wii devs out there (or one that has at least tried), so bring it on, we say.

Can E3 come any sooner?


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Objection said:

I'm just hoping CONDUIT delivers. If it does, then I'll get excited for their next projects.



Kid_A said:

Yeah. There's no doubt that the conduit will be good. But will it be great? That's the important question. I just hope it sells well. These guys seem to really work hard.



SmaMan said:

@3: Triple Same here.
(Let's see how long we can keep this going!)



AlexSays said:

Yeah High Voltage is all about hype and promises.

Someone let me know when they release a decent game.



Objection said:

@AlexSays- I know what you mean. Their games on WW have been pretty...and pretty average. So I hope we can change our minds about them in a month's time.
EDIT: Aw, you agreeing with me makes me have warm fuzzies.



Kaeobais said:

@#10: Er ... something same here.

I don't think The Conduit will flop due to lack of effort. If you watch the videos, Eric Nofsinger seems really passionate about the game. Let's pray it's good. IF it flops, it'll just give another reason for haters to, well, hate, since the game is so anticipated



Objection said:

@Bahamut- Five would quintuple(t) and six would sextuple(t) but I don't know seven. Eight would be octuple(t). I shan't pretend to be an expert.



ETLN said:

Be interesting to see if there new project is a Wii title or not. I'm hoping it is!



aaronsullivan said:

@Shadx (and others): Why do you care if the haters hate? Haters are, by definition, under the delusion of power but completely powerless over independent thinkers.

It isn't encouraging that High Voltage's little games seem to lack the spark of fun. Hopefully, all that energy not spent there was all poured into The Conduit and this new game.



Cthuloops said:

Aren't they kinda jumping the gun here? I mean The Conduit looks pretty good and all, but still. Don't they have enough on their plates?



Modern_Legend said:

I just want an offline multplayer fps, im actually pushing to buy quantum of solace for $25 atm seeing as no one answers my call on this

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