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News: NoA President Talks DSiWare

Posted by Philip J Reed

Nintendo of America President Reggie Fils-Aime distances the DSi from the iPhone, and lets a few tidbits drop as well.

In a recent Q&A with Wired, Reggie Fils-Aime made a point of distinguishing the DSi's downloadable titles from the iPhone's. Specifically:

"We are taking a film-festival approach — high-class content done by knowledgeable developers in creating fantastic experiences for the consumer — instead of the YouTube approach of everything under the sun that is difficult for the consumer to navigate through."

He went on to say that they are asking developers to introduce programs that create experiences that are "innovative [and] involving," and--maybe the most important thing--are unique to the DSi:

"What we don't want to see is a game that is available on a number of other platforms, either mobile or home, nor do we want to see games that don't take advantage of the unique capabilities of the DS."

A few other details gleaned from the interview:

  • Third-party titles will be available for download within six week's of the DSi's launch.
  • Third-party downloadable Wii games have outsold Nintendo's by a factor of nine to one.
  • Japan's DSiWare store (which launched in November) already has 50 titles available for download.

Interesting stuff! We can only wonder how many titles we will have in a few months' time!


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WarioFan63 said:

Im confused about that last point. Only open a month? It started in November/December didn't it? 50 games? Thats a little more then whats there but I guess I would've rounded down instead of up. Unless MY counting is off.



Philip_J_Reed said:

WarioFan63: My fault! Sorry. I was shuffling my phrasing around and ended up with a fragment where it definitely should not have been. I've fixed it!

Sorry about that, but thanks for the fast correction!



Fleeman said:

Third-party Wii games have outsold Nintendo's by a factor of nine to one is bull crap



Adam said:

How would you know? Whether it's true or not, I find it a hilarious turn of events to brag about their sales being behind.



KDR_11k said:

Hell, look at the rankings, the only Nintendo game that's anywhere in the Top 20 is My Pokemon Ranch down at ~13. Everything else is third party.

I hope Reggie doesn't mean they'll throw up arbitrary restrictions. "must be DSi exclusive" sounds stupid.



calculon said:

@Fleeman: That's downloadable games - in which case the statistic isn't surpising at all considering how few first party downloadable games there are on the VC/WiiWare services.



Adam said:

KDR, this is just my guess, but I don't think they mean that there will be any restrictions. More likely they will simply give preferential treatment to developers making use of the DSi's unique features, putting out their games first.

But honestly, I don't know that it's such a bad idea. It's pointless to have all these new features if only a handful of games really take advantage of it. And I'm sure there are no shortage of developers willing to comply so they can get on the service.



Stuffgamer1 said:

I find Nintendo's definition of "high-class content" lacking. Major League Eating, anyone? Pong Toss? No? Didn't think so.

I do hope this service turns out well, with more quality stuff than WiiWare has had, but it's not looking too likely. I guess we'll just have to wait and see. Boy, I hate that. We're STILL waiting for confirmation of the DSi VC for crying out loud! And everybody (or a lot of people, at least) thought we'd hear more about it at GDC...then everybody just forgot because of the storage solution reveal. Sneaky way out there, Nintendo! I won't let you get away with it, though!

While we're on the subject of Reggie, here's a piece of news that I don't think hit NintendoLife:

The comment board gets a little weird on that one, and proves the superiority of this site, where you have to sign in to post.



Hardy83 said:

I can imagine third party WiiWare games outselling NIntendos.

They have what? Pokemon Ranch, Tetris and Dr. Mario? That's it isn't it?

World of Goo and Mega Man 9 probably ran laps around their sales.



Wiiloveit said:

I'm impressed with DSiWare so far, and will try out Art Style tomorrow - if only Pop could come sooner
(ps: typing this on my DSi )



Terra said:

I'm not sure whether to go for anything just yet on DSiWare or play it safe and wait for some reviews, which I'm guessing won't be for awhile seeing that the site is advertising for reviewers.Any luck yet guys? Also, Can anyone who's already Downloaded any DSiWare games post their impressions here please while we wait for the reviews?



Adam said:

@ Wiiloveit
Looks like the Post Comment button troubled your DSi a bit.

EDIT: Gah, beaten by Brutus!



Terra said:

It's harder than it looks. I did that earlier on the forum on my DSi. I'm writing this comment from my DSi



Kawaiipikachu said:

Lets hope Nintendo allow these games to be run on there upcoming DS successor instead of only on this obvious stopgap & also portable Virtual Console .



Terra said:

You're lucky to get a Blue alternative. Fortunately, i prefer the Black design anyway.



Stuffgamer1 said:

What, Europe gets ONLY Black? That's what you make it sound like, Terranigma. Not that I'D mind that circumstance (not a fan of the way-too-light blue they used), but total lack of choice is a problem for many.

Once I get my DSi, I shall enjoy using it for games, and continue to use my computer or PS3 for internet, as I'm quite sure they're BOTH better at it.



Terra said:

No, we get White and Black but no Blue. As with the internet, yes, the computer is much better. Can't say for the PS3 though.



StbAn said:

I saw the DSi today (friday) on a store and it was on sell (it is suposed to be on sell the sunday) oh and it was 300$ it's because in my country everything is way more expensive because of the taxes I guess



Pegasus said:

@Hardy83 Tetris Party was developed and published by Hudson, not Nintendo.

Frankly, Nintendo actually has a good few WiiWare games on the service: Pokemon Ranch, Dr Mario, Maboshi, Actionloop (Magnetica) Twist, AS: Orbient, AS: Cubello, AS: Rotohex, and Lonpos. Only Hudson and Gameloft have similar amounts of games available.



Dazza said:

@Pegasus - That's not quite right either, "Tetris Online, Inc" published it in Europe and North America. Of course Hudson did develop it, and I believe publish it in Japan themselves.



hal said:

"We are taking a film-festival approach — high-class content done by knowledgeable developers in creating fantastic experiences for the consumer — instead of the YouTube approach of everything under the sun that is difficult for the consumer to navigate through." = B.S.

@Stuffgamer1: certainly agree alot with what you've said so far.

@Terranigma: PS3 works rather well, actually (supplemental).



Terra said:

Maybe Gameloft will do something, having released Block Breaker Deluxe on WiiWare. There's the possibility at least



Stuffgamer1 said:

@Terranigma: I didn't realize that Europe got the White as well. I guess it's just America where the color doesn't sell, then. I heard that's why they replaced it with blue, anyway.

PS3 browser isn't perfect (it's quite useless for Facebook), but it's just fine for NintendoLife. Although the unfortunate text entry limitations sometimes lead me to cut my messages short, or to be forced to double-post to get it all out. Long-time regulars have doubtlessly seen that happen a few times. I try to use the computer when at all possible, but that means "when my dad isn't using it."

Y'know, if I didn't wind up rambling like that, I'd probably never run out of room to say my piece on PS3.



StarDust4Ever said:

Well of course 3rd party games outsold Nintendo!

Outside of DrMario, pokemon, and Art-style, there are no 1st party games for Wii.

btw, I am on my new DSi right now

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