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The Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks

Posted by Anthony Dickens

Earlier today at GDC 2009 Satoru Iwata announced a brand new Zelda game for the DS, Spirit Tracks.

The new The Legend of Zelda™: Spirit Tracks game that Iwata announced will utilize the intuitive touch control of Phantom Hourglass in an all new adventure that will please longtime Zelda™ fans while keeping the game accessible to all DS owners. The concept behind this Zelda game includes utilizing a steam locomotive to travel around the world, switching Phantom and Link to explore the dungeons, and solving puzzles using new items.

But enough talk, let's see Link in action in the upcoming Spirit Tracks:

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ReZon said:

This is great news... Phantom Hourglass is one of my favorite DS titles. I was hoping another would be released on it!



King_Elemento said:

Now let's just hope it's NOT a DSi exclusive, or DSiWare, or something. I don't want to shell out for a new console as well.
I'm guessing it's retail though, as it's based off Phantom Hourglass. I would like D-Pad/Button controls as well, which is the one thing PH lacked, even if the replacement controls weren't bad.



anthonyb said:

I hope it's a direct sequel to PH. As much as I like the old school buttons, I thought the touch controls were superior. That's imo, of course.



Kaeobais said:

Awesom news, bout time we got another. And he was on a train? Does this mean the rumours of him being in "the future" were true? Not lightsabers and space ships future, but a more modern hyrule. Hope it's not all on a train though.



Olimar_91 said:

Shadx, it's not all trains, the trailer shows very Phantom Hourglass esque dungeon gameplay.

I'm stocked for this game. I know alot will not welcome changes, but personally I think it's great. Bring it on Nintendo!



James said:

I quite like Zelda games. I also like trains a bit.

I think these two combined mean I might think about buying this game when it comes out, but we'll have to wait and see.



Objection said:

Zelda plus train seems kinda stupid but I'll overlook that because its a PH sequel!



Nanaki said:

Choo choo Zelda. Woo woo Zelda!
(sorry, couldn't resist!)

I'm a bit anxious about this one. I think I will need to see more of it before I'm sold on the idea. Trains seem rather, linear.



ReZon said:

@anthonyb - the touch controls for Phantom Hourglass helped make it the awesomeness that it was. I hope they keep them in Spirit Tracks.



Dume said:

So it provides us less freedom to travel? That's the big deal?

Meh, I'll see how it does. I enjoyed Phantom Hourglass, but only because I could do whatever. This just seems pointless.



James said:

I presume you'll be able to lay track or somehow alter Link's course, so that'll provide a lot of freedom, I'm sure.



Dume said:

@ Prosody
I sure hope that's the case. Actually, you've brought me back; I now have interest in this title now. xD

I enjoyed PH, I'll probably enjoy this. We'll see. Heck, I even have that pretty feather pen stylus from PH's release.



Kaeobais said:

See, this is my problem with the members on gaming sites. The moment something gets even slightly different they start hating. EVERY zelda game excluding the CD-i ones have been at the very least, average. So why start hating? This looks good. Don't hate until you've played it.



Nanaki said:

I think it's quite fair to express any trepidation one feels towards the release of a new game. When not much is known about a title, all that can be done is speculate. It's not bad to express worry about a game; it creates room for interesting conversation. What makes gaming sites so appealing is the rich and diverse range of opinions: those who think a game will be great, those that don’t, and all in-between.

Also, I don’t think I’ve seen anyone hating this game per se.



Kaeobais said:

I guess so. It just really bothers me when people start dissing something because it's different. So far, change has been good. But I get what you're saying.



James said:

We're just going off gut instinct - the idea of Link traversing the land of Hyrule on a steam train isn't eveybody's cup of tea, although as the others rightly point out the remainder of the gameplay seems very close to Phantom Hourglass. You're dead right though - as soon as we see more about it, we'll all start to realise how amazing it'll be. Even Damo.



Kid_A said:

Looks like the weirdest Zelda game since Majora's Mask, and at this point I'm all for new and different things in a Zelda game. Twilight Princess was great, but it felt a bit stale. I'm glad to see Nintendo's willing to shake up the formula a bit.



GameAddict said:

I'm hoping this will be an awesome game, unfortunately I never finished LoZ:PH and now I feel like I'd like to, so I'm going to have to go out and find myself a copy of it and hopefully finish before LoZ:ST comes out.

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