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Thu 12th Mar 2009

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Dume commented on Nibris Teases 'E3 2009':

I thought this dropped off the radar AGES ago.

Too bad, I was interested three years ago. Sorry, Nibris.



Dume commented on The Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks:

@ Prosody
I sure hope that's the case. Actually, you've brought me back; I now have interest in this title now. xD

I enjoyed PH, I'll probably enjoy this. We'll see. Heck, I even have that pretty feather pen stylus from PH's release.



Dume commented on The Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks:

So it provides us less freedom to travel? That's the big deal?

Meh, I'll see how it does. I enjoyed Phantom Hourglass, but only because I could do whatever. This just seems pointless.



Dume commented on Game Boy Legacy Revived Via DSi?:

It's the only selling point for me for the DSi. If we get titles like, say, MOTHER 1 + 2, MOTHER 3, Shantae... I could go on.

Either way, until Nintendo makes the DSi appealing to those who want an actual successor to the DS (I am one of these people), I don't think there should be anyone falling for this.



Dume commented on Nintendo Lets You Know Who Is The Daddy:

I'm really wondering what people are gonna do now since the DSi is coming out in a few short weeks, but want the DSi to flop, personally.

No offense, but the title doesn't really make sense. Could've been "top dog"? I'm just being picky.



Dume commented on Miyamoto: GameCube Made Me Sad:

I know this may sound harsh, but he has nothing to worry about now! With the New Play Control (dare I say "rehashes"), he shouldn't have to be so down on the GCN. It was amazing, I loved my system. GameBoy Player all the way.