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DSiWare Launch Titles Clarification?

Posted by Philip J Reed

IGN is reporting slightly different launch titles than were previously revealed.

In this article, IGN lists WarioWare Snapped! and Art Style: Azurio as DSiWare launch titles. That should come as no surprise, as we've already reported this.

However they make no mention of Moving Memo, the utility that allows users to create and share simple animations with friends. In its place they list instead Opera Browser (which goes without saying) and Pyoro.

Confusing? Yes. (Not least because Azurio and Pyoro are listed by IGN as Aquia and Bird & Beans, respectively.)

But such last-minute shuffling on Nintendo's part isn't unlikely. After all, we're sure they'd want to open with as strong a selection of launch titles as possible, while also saving some heavy hitters for later. Dr. Mario DSi, for example.

Oh, and you may or may not have noticed that I'm not putting quotation marks around the word launch anymore. That's because we now have confirmation that these programs will be available on April 5, right along with the console.

We're getting close now, folks!

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Starwolf_UK said:

To be honest given the last minute nature of Nintendo i'd be surprised if they themselves knew what was coming...



Toddr said:

I'm definately getting warioware.

So, how many people are going to be getting the blue dsi?



Smash9000 said:

im new kinda, just made another account just to let u no & im getting a black dsi, blue looks..weird



gig said:

As long as the opera browser is better that the cartridge one that was released, it was dire.

Black DSi all the way the outer camera looks better IMO.



WolfRamHeart said:

At first I hated the blue DSi but now I totally want it! Its Nintendo Wii blue! Seems that a lot of people in Japan want this blue instead of that cool dark blue they got. Personally, I love that lime green DSi but since I can't get that I'm going to turn my blue DSi into a slime blue DSi when I buy that Dragonquest 9 protective case! Too bad the case isn't available until July though.



Kid_A said:

Are we getting free DSiWare points with our purchase like Japan did? I sure hope so because I'm really looking forward to WarioWare: Snapped. I heard that moving memo was free...



longtimegamer said:

Warioware Snapped isn't as big as the previous Warioware games is it? Five bucks seems too cheap to expect a full game.

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