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USA VC Update: Wolf of the Battlefield: MERCS

Posted by Marcel van Duyn

Instead of ClayFighter, today sees the VC release of another Capcom classic. It's not that surprising though, because Capcom hinted that it would be released not too long ago!

Mercs, now renamed Wolf of the Battlefield: MERCS, as promised by Capcom, is an overhead run and gun game for the Genesis. You can pick one of a number of characters as you run through jungles, villages, mountains and enemy bases blowing, up everything in sight, from soldiers, trees and blockades, to vehicles like jeeps and tanks. Sadly this does not have the arcade version's co-op, but to make up for it, Capcom added an entirely new stage.

As usual that's it for VC! On WiiWare there's one new game as well - The previously announced LIT, developed by WayForward Studios (Who you might know as the developers of the awesome GBC game Shantae).

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Starwolf_UK said:

I want to see a screenshot of the new Mercs title screen...I'm curious to see how much effort went into it..

That aside I wonder if anyone is crying over the lack of Clayfighter...



slangman said:

Ohh MERCS this sounds cool. Too bad we got Clayfighter instead of this last week.




awesome was waitin for this cant wait 2 go home n download this n LIT



Kultist said:

Looks okay, the screenshots kind of remind me of Guerilla War / Metal Gear... I think I'll pass though.



blackknight77 said:

Well I was hoping for Clayfighter today, but this is a solid release. I like this game too. I am hoping Clayfighter and Lifeforce come out this month. Of course Nintendo could have put out both today, but I guess they feel thats overkill nowadays.



Link79 said:

@ Tony
Hey, you like alot of the same games I do. I'm also hoping for Life Force to come soon. Gradius Rebirth on Wii ware is long overdue as well. I actually am sorta glad we got Mercs today instead of Clayfighter. To be honest I was never that Into it. I like my fighting games a little more bloody. MK is what I prefer.



7th_lutz said:

I like Mercs better than Clayfighter. I already have Mercs on the genesis.

I have easy access to the game. I have a Nomad and a 32x is hooked up.

At least I don't have to download any vc games or Wiiware games right now. I bought Aero Blasters for the tg-16, Bomberman for the tg-16, and Saturn Bomberman.



blackknight77 said:

@ Link 79
Thanks it always good to hear. Anytime old-school games from Capcom and Konami are released its a good thing

And now bring on Strider



Mike1 said:

This is a better choice than Clayfighter. I hope Clayfighter remains one of those exclusive PAL games, at least until SSB comes out.



Link79 said:

This game looks similar to Bloody Wolf on Turbo grafx.
Which one should I get?



Rapadash6 said:

Well, three weeks in a row with nothing but Sega games, PLUS Clayfighter on the horizon... seems like the Virtual Console has become nothing but Sega offerings anymore!!!



The_Fox said:

Cool! I was fearing we'd see that piece of crap Clayfighter today and instead we get a way better game instead.



blackknight77 said:

"Well, three weeks in a row with nothing but Sega games, PLUS Clayfighter on the horizon... seems like the Virtual Console has become nothing but Sega offerings anymore!!!"
Hooray for me then! That just made my day

Actually it looks like Koei has alot on tap for the VC as well, so I would not get to worried



The_Fox said:

@LittleMac:I'm sure it'll get here sometime. Nintendo developed it so there shouldn't be any holdups. Just a mtter of time.



Ricardo91 said:

I'd much rather have this than Clayfighter. I might get it, since I'm dying for a good multidirectional shooter on VC.



RurouniTeeter said:

@14. Mike
You really want Super Smash Brothers huh?...

Seriously, why's everyone want the first Smash Brothers so much? It's fun and all, but try something new. Give something a chance. Alright, I'll stop before I rant too long...

Looks like a pretty good game. But just doesn't spark my interests.



Tragickingdom said:

@25 Nice, tell someone to try something new, and then say the game looks good but doesn't spark YOUR intrest...LMAO

People love giving out advice as long as they don't live by it.

Maybe smash is what sparks his interest, and not anything else.



Rapadash6 said:


Don't misunderstand me, I really don't mind Sega games, but I'd just really like to see a bit more variety on the service. Now that we're down to a single release a week, Nintendo should at least make it a different system every Monday. If Clayfighter comes out next week, which I'm betting it will, that'll make the last 4 weeks solely SMS and Genesis games.



Tragickingdom said:

I played the heck out of mercs back in the day.

We had a place called Vans, you pay $5 and can play all the games in the arcade all day for free. Used to get there early and close the place at midnight.

They had all the latest games, and it made me try games that I thought might not intrest me, but I soon was having a great time playing.

I wish they would do that with the wii, make all games that have been released for more then 6 months free for 48 hours on a given weekend once a year to see if people would want to pick up the older titles permanently.

Maybe give Ninty some extra coin from the users who might never have bought those games and give us gamers a chance to try a title we might never have thought would interest us.

I got hooked on games like rampart, rampage, ikari warriors, Super off road, and space harrier because of this. None of these had intrested me before, since I wasted my hard earned quarters on guantlet and the such.



LittleMac said:

@ The Fox
Its been a long time already!
That game was listed awhile back as rated, that was about 6 months ago maybe even longer



WolfLink22 said:

I like ClayFighter but not as much as ClayFighter 63 and 1/3.As for this Week yet another pass Week for me.

I'm sick and tired of seeing Nintendo trying to pass on games they know a lot of people want.Sure they are maybe trying to make the Wii and the Virtual Console last as long as possible.But come on another Week with 1 VC Game when will they fire who ever is in charge of the Wii Shop service in USA because this 1 VC Game per Week crap needs to stop before Nintendo Fans give up on the Wii Shop altogether.



CanisWolfred said:

Yay, MERCS is finally out! I won't be getting it for a while, mind you, but at the very least it's nice to know that it's here.



Chunky_Droid said:

@Steven: Yep, sell that Wii you said you were selling last week....

MERCs is way better than Clayfighter, not a download for me though as it's not my type of game.

@WolfLink22: From what I could gather on a previous thread (about the name change), there was a lot of people who couldn't wait for this to come out, and the only people who will give up on the Wii Shop will be impatient people who have nothing better to do, not Nintendo fans.



CanisWolfred said:

Oh yeah that's right, we didn't get Clayfighters did we? Well, looks like there will be more to look forward to in the weeks to come!



Kaeobais said:

Not my type. Somehow I don't think a new level is going to make up for the missing co-op.



Viral said:

Shadx, I can't help but agree. It's like saying we'll give you a half of a game and instead of giving you the other half, we'll give you one additional level. They cheaped out on the multi-player.



timp29 said:

@WolfLink22: "I'm sick and tired of seeing Nintendo trying to pass on games they know a lot of people want." As opposed to nintendo passing on games they know no one wants? I wouldn't recommend you ever start a business with your life savings buddy.

Anyway, good for you NA. The consensus appears that this release is preferable to clayfighter. I should warn you guys though. Some week you are going to get a clayfighter only release and be bummed out (Except for wolflink who has some serious wood for clayfighter!)



Tides_of_Chaos said:

MERCS? Eh, I guess that's all well and good for some people here, but I'd rather have gotten Clayfighter. (as a guy who makes claymations, I'd like to play a game based on clay even if it is kind of bad) To me, MERCS comes off as bland and if I really wanted it, I would get the Capcom Classics Collection.



Ricardo91 said:

Yeah, I just remembered it was on CCC too. PASS.

As some people above have mentioned, I really want to see Strider appear on VC soon. It's one of those games that's been rated for a loooong time.



blackknight77 said:

@ Rapadash
I am not sure Clayfighter will come out next week. I think Nintendo may throw in a NES or SNES game next week. Just a prediction



Jolted85 said:

I love the classic Capcom coinop conversions, I will get this the next time I have some points on me, the game is pretty good I have it on the PSP Capcom collection game.



WolfLink22 said:


I like ClayFighter 63 and 1/3 a lot better then ClayFighter but that don't mean that i don't like ClayFighter itself.I would have perfered to have Super Mario Kart or Tetris Attack as today's offering.But Nintendo just decided to go the Love Route and release a game based on a boy trying to reunited with his girlfriend Rachael.That seems like a game that people like you would like if you have a girlfriend.

Also a VC Game about terrorism thanks but no thanks we get enough of that in real life as it is.

I will say this again I like ClayFighter 63 and 1/3 more then the first game.But the First one can still be fun when you get bored.Heck i would have settled for SSB today or even Super Mario Kart.Just something not Shooter related or love related.

I'm less mad about the offerings as compaired to the Amount of games we ended up getting.I mean 1 freaking Game Each come on.We will have 300 VC Games on July 13th at the rate NOA is releasing them.



Adamant said:

@Link79: "This game looks similar to Bloody Wolf on Turbo grafx.
Which one should I get?"

I prefer Bloody Wolf over this one. Plus, BW is cheaper. So yeah, go for that if you're only getting one.



Eclipticalis said:

I'm not familiar with this one at all. It seems like it's been a while since any high profile games were released, maybe that means we're due for some in the coming weeks.



Captain_Konami said:

This looks like a fairly fun game. I was ready to drop money for it until I realized it was a graphically low quality Genesis game when I first thought it was a high grade Master System game. 800 points feels just a shade overpriced. Perhaps I'll get it down the road.

Strangely, this game brought to mind a game that you'd think would be out already, Choplifter. I mean there's a very solid Commodore 64 version that could be released along side a Next Best Thing Master System version (next best to the awesome arcade version.......dropped alot of coins on that one) for only 500 points. They could even put out the modestly fun SNES version too. I mean this has versions on almost every VC system, yet not out on any of them as of yet. Where the heck is Choplifter? Not on any VC system, not even the arcade version on Xbox Live Arcade yet?

And total support for the calls for Strider. I'd pay both the NES and Sega versions.

And the glaring lack of so basic and old a game as Pro Wrestling is a contributing part of my general disgust for Nintendo's handling of the VC. What, too advanced a chipset?! No license rights?! Or does Nintendo just not give a dram about its consumers?.....Bah, one more non-release I need to not think about.



Virus said:

Pity, another two-game week. I somewhat believed Alexsays' hypothesis that Nintendo was releasing fewer games due to the new Wii owners produced by the holiday season and the possibility that they might buy older VC and WiiWare games, but I believed that hypothesis a few weeks ago. As we move into February, it's getting harder to swallow these sparse weeks. I'd like to hear why the average three game weeks are not occurring every week.

Still, as for Mercs, it looks like it may be fun, but considering there are many better games like it that I still have to get, I may pass on this one.



Cally said:

I got this on Capcom's Classic Collection. It was fantastic there, and co-op made it.



Adamant said:

You know, having invested some more time into this title now, I think I'll have to retract my earlier statement - this game IS better than Bloody Wolf.

Bloody Wolf is still great, though, and absolutely worth your money.

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