Alien Crush Returns - More Details

Japanese magazine Famitsu has put up some new screenshots of the rather tasty looking Alien Crush Returns. Check it out Google’s translation of the page for yourselves.

Here are the interesting details which we noted:


  • Reverse Ball - allows you to instantly send the ball back the way it was moving.
  • Split Ball – lets your ball split into two for a limited time for increased scoring opportunities.
  • Tilt – You can shake the Wiimote and tilt the pinball table to your advantage, do this too much and the flippers will lock up for a short period.

Game modes

  • Story mode – A total of six stages with new stages appearing via DLC.
  • Arcade mode – Try to get a high score for fun.
  • Versus mode – Up to four people can play online in this mode.
  • Ranking mode – National and world rankings for story, arcade and versus mode.

There is no news on the price yet, but it is likely to be 1000 Wii points judging from more recent release announcements.

Source: Famitsu