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USK Rated: International Karate+ and Cybernoid for C64

Posted by Darren Calvert

Some good news for Commodore 64 fans today. Two aging classics have been rated by the German ratings organisation, the USK, so we expect them to be on the Virtual Console in due course.

International Karate+, or IK+ to its friends is rather obviously the sequel to International Karate which is also on the VC. It was released almost a year and a half after the original in 1987. IK+ also features a two player option, but this time there are several new moves and a third CPU controlled player can enter the fray. Any self respecting Commodore geek or otaku will snap this up with it hits the VC.

Cybernoid is an rather unique take on the shoot-em-up genre as it blends exploration into the mix. Tackling each level involves meeting a time limit and collecting a set minimum amount of stolen cargo. You can’t rest on your laurels for too long with this one. Fondly remembered by C64 fans this will also be a welcome addition to the VC.

Gamers in North America and Australia need not apply.

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Roo said:

International Karate+ is a brilliant game! Much superior to the first - when it comes out again, I'll be getting amongst it for sure.

Just don't re-release it in Europe on Friday 27th!



slangman said:

Commodore are really putting up some of the best C64 games up nice one. Good job i held off getting the orginal International Karate. International Karate+ sounds better since more features make the other IK currently redundent.



E-dawg said:

Why we do we miss out on C64? We are still a PAL region and the C64 was originally released here!



Fierce_Deity said:

Sorry to hear that E-dawg, i thought you guys got what we got. Hopefully it will come your way soon



Bensei said:

When God closes a door he opens a window (ESRB leeks closed, USK leeks opened)



DrApostropheX said:

Awesome! I remember playing Cybernoid for HOURS on the C-64 back in the day. It may look like a shooter, but it has as much exploration involved as the origindal Zelda or Metroid games did. Watching that video I can remember vividly a lot of those enemies and power-ups... so I guess they're still burned into my mind even 15-20 years later



ttplayer92 said:

If japan & europe get there own exclusive computer system, I think the Apple II should be the american one.



WarioFan63 said:

ESRB leaks arent really closed though. They didnt say "We will never reveal anything new anymore." They said "We will never reveal anything new without the consent of the publishers anymore." Basically if its a small-name title, publishers are more likely to tell them to go ahead and list it, but for something bigger they'll more then likely be asked to keep it a secret.



Kawaiipikachu said:

Well at least for me An Australian got a c64dtv plug'n'play thinge which got both Cybernator 1 & 2 .
But still i hope for the day when the Commodore 64 VC gets released here .

I wouldn't mind playing some of the games that my father used to play



DEMON212 said:

Objection, please tell me that you're not saying that based on there graphics/basicness.

Because I'd take IK+ over SMG, GearsOW, GodOW, Halo etc... anyday of the week.



Mr_64 said:

IK+ is a truly great game! I can't wait to download that! Me and my mates spent many an hour on that back in the day. Having the third fighter on the screen really brought something to the game. Can't wait to play the ball and shield mini-game in betweeen rounds!

Cybernoid was also great, fantastic graphics and music and a great game to boot. It was a bit hard at times though. It'd be nice to see Cybernoid 2 on the Wii too at some point. I'm sure that's inevitable though!



jesus_666 said:

gah, where are the Codemasters, Rainbow arts and Thalamus games?!?!!? there's not any impressive C64 games on VC yet

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