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The Making Of The World Of Goo

Posted by Darren Calvert

There is no doubt that the upcoming World of Goo is one of the better looking games coming to the WiiWare service. Back in May when we interviewed David Braben on LostWinds you can see even he is bowled over by the looks of this game. Which makes sense because LostWinds also looks stunning and has great art direction.

So who is the genius behind the artwork in World of Goo? None other than 2D Boy’s Kyle Gabler. He recently posting a video on the 2D Boy blog showing his crazy Photoshop skills in high speed. The man is like Tim Burton after drinking too many espressos at his local wi-fi coffee shop. What a talent!

Check out the video showing Kyle doing his thing here:

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Corbs said:

Other than Shantae, this is the WiiWare game I'm most looking forward to so far. Can't wait to play this one.



trinest1 said:

The game is apparently got a July release or something. Anyway its Wiiware theys what 2d boy is waiting on. They have the games done basiclly.



ZIMlord said:

this was one of the games that I wanted when I first heard of wii-ware! Can't wait for this game!



Objection said:

This was already in my top3 most wanted (not just Wiiware, top3 period) and after seeing the care they're putting into it, I want it even more. The art style is f-ing amazing and the gameplay looks addictive. I dont even care if Ninty is stupid and doesnt offer a HD by then, because I will DELETE WHATEVER I HAVE TO FOR THIS!



Cooldued59 said:

I never knew photoshop could do that!?! I have photoshop and have no clue that It helps people make video games! Thanks Kyle! Now I am going to do that right noW!



sailingtheseaoffools said:

World of Goo which is two guys should shut up people who complain that wiiware is not for indie/small time developers. It's for indie/small time developers who actually can produce a game.



TomMc said:

Hopefully he doesn't rush the game! XD! No but seriouly i hope it's longer than Lost Winds which i enjoyed the first 2 days i played it but after i complted it i never played it again!

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