World of Goo - New info and screenshots

I recently caught up with the guys from 2D Boy, the creators of World of Goo, which is one of the more interesting and original games coming to WiiWare to see how it was all going. Our regular readers may remember that way back in February we playtested a early build of World of Goo and the first impressions were excellent. If you think of Tim Burton’s art style mixed with the gameplay of Lemmings and Loco Roco then you won’t be far off the mark.

Anyway, we are all interested to know when we can expect to see this promising game on WiiWare. Sadly the answer is not for a little while yet. Their aim is to finish development on the World of Goo in July, do localisation and then submit to the ratings bodies such as the ESRB. Taking into account Nintendo’s schedule World of Goo may show up in your Wii Shop sometime in September.

Like with all good things, World of Goo definitely seems worth the wait and we’re glad that 2D Boy are not cutting corners to throw it up on WiiWare earlier. The demo was a well crafted, lovely looking product so just imagine how great the final game is going to look and play. We can’t wait!

Check out our World of Goo page for updated in-game screenshots. There is a fresh new trailer you can watch also.