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US VC Releases - 8th October - Neo Geo Week

Posted by Marcel van Duyn

It's fighting time for the US today, as not one, but three Neo Geo games hit VC. And all three are fighters! All three are the first in their respective series.

First up is Fatal Fury. This is pretty much one of the most well-known fighters besides Street Fighter. It has some neat ideas, such as being able to hop into the background and back to the foreground, but it also has some negative points. Regardless, it's probably today's best offering, as it's aged pretty well.

World Heroes was pretty much an "alternative" to Fatal Fury back in the day. Instead of the more serious style of Fatal Fury, World Heroes has an oddball cast of characters, like a Genghis Khan lookalike, a German cyborg officer, an American wrestler and more. Unfortunately, the gameplay hasn't aged as well as the cast, so it's not as recommended as Fatal Fury.

Finally there's Art of Fighting. Of all the Neo Geo fighters, this has probably aged the worst. While the game has some fantastic, huge sprites and great backgrounds, the gameplay is quite slow and lacking nowadays, so, unless you liked the game back then, we wouldn't recommend this one at all.

If you like fighters, you're in luck this week! Otherwise, better luck next time.

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smort said:

Oh, I was expecting them to release Duck Hunt today. It's Thanksgiving in Canada. I just realized that the US has a different date for Thanksgiving... oh well. Maybe then.



Daniel said:

Nothing I'd buy, but having Neo Geo games available is a good sign of things to come.

Aero Fighters 2, Nintendo? Please?



Bass_X0 said:

Hm. Would have preferred Magician Lord instead of World Heroes for some variety, but the NeoGeo is finally here for everyone. Yes, the games are 900 points but remember that they do look a lot better than their SNES and Genesis versions; 100 points is a small price to pay for the actual real versions and not some crappy 16-bit port. And these three are the very first NeoGeo fighting games: the quality of fighting games on the NeoGeo do get a lot better - you'll be thinking that 900 points is a bargain when we get to games such as King of Fighters '96. I just hope NeoGeo games are as regular as SNES games and not N64 games.



MorikaWeb said:

What a surprise more fighting games. I suppose the introduction of Neo Geo games means its even more unlikely we will ever see any of the good RPG's for the SNES? As that is the primary reason I bought the Wii I'm seriously thinking of selling it.



angel_m_rivera_colla said:

arcade emulations!dont cry for rpgs,the reason i have a wii is for arcade that im so excited about arcade emulations some cryers want to sell the wii for rpgs.maybe they dont know what arcade means.thanks snk neo geo!



Ron_Prower said:

I'd love to see some more RPGs on here that I missed out on as a kid, not more fighting games. It's a shame that our entire update this week had nothing but fighting games. Hopefully it won't be the same next week, I'm trying to save my points for some actually good games.



Lefty_Noob said:

Man... if they were going to give us 3 NeoGeo fighters in one week, would it have KILLED them to make one of them Samurai Shodown?



JNoodles said:

I'm tried and tired of whining about games.

There is ALWAYS next week unless its the end of the world. In which case, get a life and stop worrying about the VC! Besides, this week isn't so bad. Download Fatal Fury and see how good it really is.

Also about RPGs, we will eventually get some. See, with NeoGeo, we already have our friend Samurai Shodown RPG on board eventually! And for SNES, it had a myriad of RPGs. Sure we have only one right now but you can rest assured we'll AT LEAST see Super Mario RPG soon.

__that videogame guy


that videogame guy said:

uncle chuck - you minus well just get the samurai showdown anthology

w/the exception of world heroes, all the neogeo fighting games have anthologies available (ie. fatal fury, AoF, SS) so im just gonna get the anthologies instead of DLing them on my wii... ill def DL WH and WH2(ESP this one!)



snake said:

I'm surpised no DKC 3 or DK 64 to hype up there Donkey Kong Blast



alvieao said:

Finally, the return and arrival of the Neo Geo in North America, Japan, and Europe. Thank you, SNK Playmore! Nice to see the first three fighters as the initial games, but I would like to see Magician Lord come out later.



Don said:

I was going to download Fatal Fury but I bought Fatal Fury Battle Archives Vol. 1 for PS2 in August so now I don't need to. That goes for Fatal Fury 2, 3, and Special and the compilation only costs me $15. Yeh! I am quite disappointed though that there is no NES, SNES, or N64 game available today. Hopefully next week Castlevania II will come out. After all, it is the month of Halloween.



ben said:

i wish that they did not add any new systems just yet there are still a bunch of games on the snes and n64 that i want to see, which will now take longer to come out now.



Starwolf_UK said:

From what i've heared of the emulation:
-No savestates
-No in it goes to a completely black screen Still got sound though...
-Able to choose AES or MVS



alvieao said:

For some reason on the Wii Shop Channel, the publisher for the NeoGeo games VC is D4 Enterprise rather than SNK Playmore. D4 Enterprise is the company handling the emulation for NG titles as they come to release...



ouenben said:

I've yet to come across a Component/progressive scan problem with VC games, I think it's only PAL that gets that



Superman64 said:

I hope Nintendo adding Neo Geo games is a sign that we could see old school Gameboy games come to the VC.



Zweck36 said:

So far I'm in love with Fatal Fury. I find it rather challenging. I love the armwrestling, and Geese cut scenes. It isn't as good as SF2, but it is very innovative, and freakin' gorgeous for 1991. I am happy to have an SNK fighter in my life.



Bass_X0 said:

Its more likely Nintendo will implement a "Virtual Handheld" thing for their next portable machine than put them up on the Wii.



ouenben said:

'I hope Nintendo adding Neo Geo games is a sign that we could see old school Gameboy games come to the VC.'

Erm okay? lol

But I'd love GB/GBC Games on Wii or a new DS VC



Bass_X0 said:

Any more news on the proposed Commodore 64 and MSX additions or have these been cancelled/postponed for the U.S. and Europe?

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