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US VC Releases - 22nd October - Ninja JaJaMaru-kun

Posted by Marcel van Duyn

Nothing too grand for the US today - two average games and one that leans slightly towards the bad side. Still, you should check them out, as one of the games, Ninja JaJaMaru-kun, is a previously Japan-only game. It's a strange little arcadey platformer, in which you take out ever-stronger enemies through an infinite number of rounds in order to rescue your love, the princess Sakura, from the evil Lord Namazu Dayuu. As with all other import games, it comes at an increased price - 600 Wii Points.

Another NES offering today comes in the form of Lunar Pool. There's been many billiards games over the years, but this one takes a unique spin on the genre - You play on the moon, with all sorts of wacky gravity changes and more. Unfortunately, it's still not quite special enough to really be worthy of a purchase.

Finally today, it's the third Golden Axe - Golden Axe III. Strangely, this game was never released outside Japan on the Mega Drive/Genesis (It was however on Sega Mega Drive/Genesis Collection), but Sega have spared us all of an increased price and left it at 800 Points. It's... more of the same, really. If you like beat 'em ups, it should be on your list, but be sure to grab the VC's better offerings first.

Three average games for the US today.

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Shadowprophet said:

Bummer, If we hadn't has such a great couple weeks for releases, I would be irate about this weeks offerings. Still there is nothing here Id waste any of my points on.



Kevin said:

Hopefully we'll get Castlevania II next week. I love that game.



Bass_X0 said:

I really thought Super Air Zonk would have been one of the games this week. Oh well...



spullum said:

I'd love to see a "Konami power pack" of Castlevania II and III (I own II but really want III).

I wish they'd average 4-5 games versus 2-3. There are plenty of old games to go around.

Does anyone think Square-Enix will release FF1 or DQ1-4 on NES?



jackaroo said:

@Bass X : If you go to the Super Air Zonk page on this site ull see the dates are there. We get it this friday and they get it monday.

But yea this week looks like a bummer for you guys. Although i personally enjoy golden axe III. But its mixed opinions with that game.



Shiro_Makoto said:

Why would Square-Enix bother releasing any games for the VC when they can charge full price for their constant remakes. FF1&2 were released on the PSP, FF3 on the DS, an FF4 remake is being developed for the DS. A Dragon Quest 4 remake for the DS as well. I believe they once said they will keep remaking their games as long as there is demand. But at the end of the day, it's really all about money.



jtgillia said:

When in the world are we going to get Mega Man 1? Europe has had it since June. Of course, we've been waiting longer for Vectorman, which they've had since April....



MorikaWeb said:

"Why would Square-Enix bother releasing any games for the VC when they can charge full price for their constant remakes."

Because the VC version would not be a remake, and would need little to no work. They would sell a ton, and make lots of money from almost no effort.

What’s more everyone knows most FF fans would buy it on the VC even if they own it on another platform for the classic feel. And vice a versa, fans would buy it on other platforms even if they own it on the VC for the extra features…

In the end its really win win for Square to release their classic library on every platform that can handle them.



Stuffgamer1 said:

What do you mean Golden Axe III was never released outside of Japan? I have it on the Sega Genesis Collection for PS2! Web research shows me it wasn't released on the actual US Genesis or European Mega Drive, but it was already available in some format.



Drake said:

Yeah, sorry, I mean that the original on Mega Drive wasn't released outside Japan. I'll reword it.

__Mr Mat


Mr Mat said:

What an ugly selection for today...
I wish thay would actually come out the Mortal Kombat SNES series on VC. Especially MK2.



alvieao said:

It looks like this week is nothing much, except for Golden Axe III. Previously on the US Sega Channel service, but now available on the PS2 Genesis/Mega Drive Collection. Golden Axe III had good gameplay, but mixed receptions from gamers. I hope games like Vectorman and Magician Lord will get released...



xdemon25 said:

NO!!! Castlevania 2 didn't come out today. I've been waiting to get it for two months now and I see it come out in EU. I need that game to hold me over for when Brawl comes out. Hope it comes out next week or



Bass_X0 said:

Still, I'm kinda thankful that the U.S. had a catch-up week. I'd prefer each region to have the same games.



niner said:

What a lame group of games. Ninja JaJaMaru-kun has to be the strangest of this bunch. While I'm happy to see that NOA's committed to bringing non-US releases to this market, I'd rather it be games that us fanboys have been clamoring for, like Sin & Punishment a few weeks ago.

Also, I have to agree with Shawn Pullum. I'd like to see 4 or 5 games a week rather than 3.



Bass_X0 said:

Now here's an interesting snippet from

"[EDGE] also seem to believe that Nintendo will be releasing official flash cards for the DS in preparation for a DS VC service. One that would bring downloads of Game Boy and Game Boy Color titles, as well as some new works. You would access this channel through communication with the Wii, most likely."

Still a rumor at this stage. Would be awesome though - I say they should be between 300 and 500 regular VC points.

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