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Lunar Pool reinvents the popular game of pool with a unique and futuristic flair. The rules are simple - all you need to do is hit the white cue ball with your cue, causing it to hit the other numbered balls and make them go into the pockets.

You can enjoy nearly unlimited gameplay with 30 tables, 2 different ball arrangements and the ability to change the degree of friction on the table. You can play against the computer or another human player, so try challenging someone once you’ve got the hang of the game.

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Posted by Darren Calvert

Lunar Pool reinvents the popular game of pool with a unique and futuristic flair.

The humble pool simulator has never made for the most exciting game, so a futuristic version of the classic pub game set on the moon is an intriguing proposition. It is worth noting that Lunar Pool is based on American pool, which is very different game...

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deggs said:


IT IS TRUELY AMAZING. one of my favs as a kid. I figured they would never release it for virtual console because I don't know if it was ever officially released stateside (it could be found on the many bootleg compilation game cartidges that were for the original nes. consequently, many of these cartridges actaully damaged the nes when they were used)...

anyways, i can't wait. a simple game but fun as hell. if i still had it, i'd still be playing today... at least now they can make some money from actaully selling it in a legit way



deggs said:

2 stars is prob a bit harsh but this game is more on the same plain as a decent c64 game than up tot he typical standards of a nes game. it's super simple... not much to it but it's still fun as heck. i guess maybe the nostalgia is clouding my judgement... still, i feel it deserves 5 stars. sometimes the most fun is from the simplest ideas... now if taito were just allowed to release arkanoid for vc, we'd be set



Lanceolot said:

Yeah - I remember this game as well... all it took was for me to view the video and the music and sounds brought back memories of my brother and I playing this into the wee hours of the morning. Good times.



Masuyo said:

This looks like a lot of fun. I don't think I would pay for this but I think this looks like a great NES game.

The music is really great. The intro chime for each level reminds me of ninja bros and the in-game music is like wizards and warriors (I'm a total geek I know). I think if they every had a sale on the VC I'd pick this one up for sure. Looks fun!



Mip said:

I also have this on a bootleg compilation cartrigde. It's pretty sweet, the later levels are hard as hell, as they will turn in to shape of star and stuff like that.



Kurachi said:

this one was cool (also on like 100 or more in 1 cassette)
i enjoyed it, cuz i also learned about how to shoot and how should'nt shoot
but i never came really far, so this might be a chance... later



Kurachi said:

am i the only one, or are there more thinking this being a game to relax and at same time puzzling?
and then even multiplayer, fun

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