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EU VC Releases - 5th October - Fatal Fury and Sega Week

Posted by Marcel van Duyn

The time has come - The first Neo Geo game has hit the European VC! As expected, it's the classic fighter, Fatal Fury. Play as Terry Bogard, Andy Bogard or Joe Higashi and try to avenge yourself on Geese Howard. Neo Geo games cost 900 Wii Points each (As previously stated), due to their great graphic and sound quality.

Joining Fatal Fury are 4 Mega Drive titles, as it's the first update of the month, naturally meaning it's Sega time!

The first one is Landstalker. We sadly missed out on this fantastic isometric RPG last month (While America alreayd had it!), but it's now finally available in Europe too. Do yourself a favour and get this game, as it's perhaps one of the Mega Drive's finest!

Second, it's Streets of Rage 3. The final part of the trilogy has received lots of criticism for it's odd choice of graphics and sound, but it's still a fantastic ending to a fantastic series. If you loved the first two, you can't go wrong here!

The third Sega game is Golden Axe III, coincidentally also the last of a beat 'em up trilogy. The Golden Axe series (Especially the Sega ports) have never truly been amazing, but if you liked them before, this one will be right up your alley. It wasn't released in Europe originally!

Finally we have Super Thunder Blade. You'd do well to steer clear of this title - It was a pretty bad Star Fox/Space Harrier clone to begin with, but the years have been very, very harsh to it, and it's just awful now. Just ignore it and pick one of the other games this week!

So, five more games for Europe! Take a pick, four of them are good!

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Smash_Eggs_Garlic said:

Europeans must be jumping and breaking roofs in joy.
Even though here in America we already had a few of them, Europe got too much awesome games at once(yes I'm even counting Fatal Fury as one of them,cool game, give it a try if you DON'T REALLY MIND. in comparison to other games at the same price).
I suggest Fatal Fury Battle Archives Vol. 1 instead if you are going to spend 900 Wii points in FF1.
Still playing Mario Bros. Lost Levels & Breath of Fire II.



alvieao said:

Fatal Fury and three great Mega Drive/Genesis games (ignore the stinker that is Super Thunder Blade) comes to Europe which is really nice. Yep, Fatal Fury will eventually reach the North American region after. I hope the upcoming HORI Wii arcade stick is coming out because it's perfect for NeoGeo and fighting games...



BJ1 said:

I can probably speculate the US getting Golden Axe 3 this monday.



JNoodles said:

Meh, it is an okay week. Fatal Fury looks to be the best of the bunch... that I don't already have. I got myself some Landstalker action, had had it for about a week! I might get Fatal Fury once it hits USA; not sure though.



TBoneTony said:

I got Landstalker, finally....

Good game but a bit tricky at the start trying to get used to the Isometric feel of it.

Good to see the Neo Geo titles and I won't mind picking up one of them in the comming weeks, but I may need to watch my remaining blocks on my wii as I already had to delete one of my N64 games from my channels (because I dropped down to 196 blocks left of memory) but I saved them on my Photo-Memory card before I did that though...

Hope that Nintendo has a way of increasing our Wii's memory soon or else I will have to delete a few more games inorder to get some good ones that are comming later on.



RGVEDA said:

Great week!!! But i still hope we get Samurai Ghost this Month, or at least next month.

Great start for the Neo Geo




Paulymate said:

As Golden Axe III wasn't released in Europe, is the VC version full screen and 60Hz like the titles in the Hanabi festival? Or have they given it a thorough 'PAL'ing?



EnglishRob said:

At last! Neo Geo on the VC!

I was a bit disapointed that I missed the SMB2, but I'm happy that I still have 900 wii points to get FF.




yeah i was thinking the same

i want my Yoshi story -_-



Rockman_90 said:

Maybe Super metroid is the 150th game now when metroid prime 3 coming the 26 of oktober in europe!?



johnhood said:

It's great to see NEO-GEO on VC Europe! However, I'm looking forward to some Rondo of Blood on TurboGrafx-CD! Well, I can dream can't I?



JODIsBack said:

I'd say Super Metroid has a 75% chance to come out in Europe the same day as Prime 3.

They did it with Excite Truck/Excitebike, so yeah

__The Holg


The Holg said:

What a mess, Fatal Fury runs at 50Hz and has borers. This really sucks! I say we boycot NeoGeo games until Nintendo gets this issue fixed.
I've been emailing them on a weekly basis to complain about the 50/60Hz issue and I encourage everyone to do the same.
Let your voice be heard!



MrLonghair said:

I owned a NeoGeo back in the days and I know that NeoGeo AES games have never been PAL, had borders or run at 50hz. You could take a Japanese AES unit, a US AES game and plug and play on any European TV. Since there's more vertical resolution to the PAL standard you'll see some graphical garbage instead of black borders, but it was 60hz.



BJ1 said:

You guys in Sweden didn't get Yoshi's Story yet? Sorry to here that.



Bass_X0 said:

we'll probably get it this friday coming along with the other two neogeo games released in america tomorrow. probably.

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