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Super Thunder Blade (MD / Mega Drive)

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In this follow-up to Thunder Blade, you'll fly a new and improved attack helicopter in a series of attacks against guerilla armies that are bent on taking over the world. Although your aircraft is formidable, your enemies are vast and varied. You'll have to take on submarines, tanks, fighter planes and more.

Your command of this state-of-the-art battle copter must be top notch, as you'll have to dodge oncoming fire and use your various weapons to eliminate all enemy targets so you can reach the guerilla base and end their nefarious plans once and for all.

Put on your flight suit and step into the thrilling action of Super Thunder Blade.

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Posted by Damien McFerran

In this follow-up to Thunder Blade, you'll fly a new and improved attack helicopter in a series of attacks against guerilla armies that are bent on taking over the world.

One of the very first Megadrive/Genesis releases, Super Thunder Blade is a pretty underwhelming action title that failed to get pulses racing when it was converted to the 16-bit console back in the late ‘80s – just in time for the Japanese launch.You...

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Mirokunite said:

Oh dude! I use to have this game for genesis. Wait! I think I still have this game, and system somewhere.

*goes to dig though the garage.*



Jazzem said:

I just had a go of this on the MD collection for the PS2. It's a slice of fun, retro Sega Arcade fun, especially if you put it on Hard. It's pretty juttery in motion, but that's part of the charm I guess!

This is really the sort of thing they should be releasing at a budget price though, there's not enough to it to make it seem worth 800 Wii Points.



link64 said:

is this like Space Harrier if so I will skip this one since Space Harrier always gives me a headache after 5-10mins.



deggs said:

yeah, some of the early sega arcade translations to the genesis are extremely similar. this is basically space harrier 2 with a helicopter (and it looks even more dated that sh2 as well).

still, it is good fun. this is basically a perfect example of the arcade vibe in the late 80s. a lot of the sega arcade games back then were basically just the next extension of the atari/c64 style gaming (progressing through similar looking levels but with slightly different enemy sprites and slightly different colored backgrounds) but with much better graphics. i still play this one now and again. it is tons of fun for those who remember it fondly despite how simplistic it is and how bad it looks (especially by today's standards).

you can basically beat the whole game by moving back and forth and holding the fire button (especially since either every 3rd or 4th [i can't remember] bullet that is shot out of your cannons is heat seeking...). still, it is fairly fun and addictive in that atari type of way. Every time i finish a game, i'm always tempted to just play again and again.

also, if you grew up with these types of games in the 80s, you'll be fond of the soundtrack. it gets stuck in my head all the time. again, it just sounds like 80s video game music but i mean, that's an amazing genre in and of itself. a lot of the early genesis choons kinda sounded the same but they were sooo much fun.

all that said, i can't recommend this one for the kids of today or anyone who didn't really get into it the first time around. i realize that my love for this game is based purely in nostalgia. it's like trying to explain to kids today why pong and donkey kong and defender 2 and joust were the best games ever... if you can't appreciate that then this one definitely isn't for you (and neither is space harrier 2). lol… but if you had this one as a kid just as the genesis came out and you loved it then, you may still love it now regardless of how ridiculous the buildings in level 1 look…



Jazzem said:

Blimey, one star seems a little harsh!

But to be fair, my three star score was probably too fair. Not a brilliant game at all, and not worth 800 points, but it has a little bit of playability!



Wolf said:

I bought space harrier because of nostalgia... and I regret it. I certainly wont be making the same mistake twice. pass on this one



Mendez said:

Played this in a triple pack with Alien Storm and this F1 game. It's alright, certainly nothing special though.



TheNintendoBoy said:

Hey SH2 is better than this. Because it's actually playable.
This was one of the first games I got for the MD back then and I think I played it like 5 times total. I played all kinds of crap like Taz Mania back then but couldn't stand this, so it had to be really bad.



alvieao said:

This game brought the arcade experience home? The early Genesis commercial is probably misleading. It looks like the Sega arcade game Thunder Blade, but it didn't really sound or play like the arcade original. With Super Thunder Blade and Namco's Xevious, the only reason to download this game is the nostalgia.



Y0u said:

Inferior Space Harrier clone in every possible way. Really pointless with SH2 on VC.



Will said:

What?! Super Thunder blade was a bad game?! are ye sure? I remember this triple pack with alien storm was great craic! I spent a lot of time on this when I was small, and yeah I got great enjoyment from it. Helicopters in all old school video games are brilliant. Really cool 80s vibe.



I have this on Sega Genesis Collection. If you want to play it, save your money and just play it on there. Actually, don't play it at all. It's really just not good. If you have good memories of this game, just keep them as memories. I think this game is plain awful.



Corbs said:

I borrowed this one from a friend back in the day and didn't spend much time with it before I lost interest. Very tough and just not enough game play to keep you interested for more than a few minutes.



Roo said:

Could this be the worst Mega Drive VC game? No - that mantle is awarded to Eternal Champions. Nonethelss, this is the shameful silver medalist.



cheetahman91 said:

This is the worst Genesis game I've ever had the misfortune of playing. It was Action 52, and I didn't think any game was as bad as that, until I played this game.

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