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Europe VC Releases - 13th April - Actraiser

Posted by Damien McFerran

No Starfox 64 (sorry, I mean Lylat Wars) but the three games released on the VC this week should more than make up for that. Although it's one of the first SNES games Actraiser remains a true classic with engaging gameplay, fantastic depth and a wonderful soundtrack.

Bonk's Revenge is the second release and is generally regarded as the best in the Bonk/PC Kid series. The final game is an oldie, but a goodie - everyone's favourite pizza-shaped pill eater is well worth a punt at 500 points.

So quit your moaning - these games are excellent!

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dreamchaser said:

This is a great day for me, Actraiser is one of my all time favourites. This will be downloaded when i get home from work.

Gotta love this game.



barn-thing said:

when will lylat wars be available for download, i was really hoping that it'd be launched this week + i think more N64 games should be available for download! and when are C64 games available too!



Damo said:

Lylat Wars isn't out, get over it, at least you have three stunning games to make up for that!

__Shiyojin Rommyu


Shiyojin Rommyu said:

I wonder what's taking them so long to release Lylatwars?

I've played Act Raiser once, and it's not my cup of tea. Pac-man isn't worth paying 500 WP for, and Bonk.. Well, I did like the Gameboy game. I honestly don't know enough about this second Bonk title to pass judgement on it, but I'll probably skip on it. There are plenty of other titles more worthy of my buck.



charliemccarthy said:

DEAR GOD! I was so sure lylat wars was coming out i actually sold my copy of super mario 64 ds just to get the money. Maybe i will spend them on those long needed recharable batterys for my wiimote. Anyone got any good ideas for other vc games I could purchase?



Coop said:

Actraiser is pretty awesome.

Seriously though - I want 'The Battle of Olympus'. Who is with me?



Ross said:

This mornin' I downloaded Super Mario Bros. and Pac-Man. I left 1000 points in hope that Lylat Wars would be coming next week.



RMA said:

It's a sad indictment of the way advertising messed us up as kids isn't...we want it and we want it NOW. Have some patience and go play / watch / read / do something else.

Now I've finished with the preaching....when IS SNES pilotwings coming out???



Bazoon said:

I think the reason Lylat Wars is getting delayed is because of the copyright issues with its name.

But according to Wikipedia the whole PAL region copyright issue was solved before Star Fox adventures (look down) so I think its kinda wierd.

Mabye they try to rename it to Star Fox 64? but I doubt it will happen, but who knows.

But I did notice, in Wario Ware smooth moves the Microgame of Star Fox SNES is called "Starwing", his original EU name.

I played actraiser for the first time, it seems like a great game, but its damn hard! I can't get pass that cenutar boss .



BadSp00n said:

These games are nothing compared to Lylat Wars. There's absolutely no reason to waste your Wii Points on these games.



Damo said:

BadSp00n - Wow, that's quite a narrow-minded viewpoint you have there. Lylat Wars is indeed a great game, but that doesn't render every other game on the VC pointless. Take your tiresome Nintendo fanboy hat off and try to be a bit more open to other games.

These three releases are all excellent and you should be thankful we've been given them. If only Actraiser had been released this week I still would have been very happy.

Oh, and any more posts moaning about the fact that Lylat Wars hasn't been released won't be posted up, so don't even bother, ok?

__ste hicky


ste hicky said:

no starfox 64? (sorry people i can't get my head around lylat wars i imported the ntsc n64 version) ah well eventually,on a more positive note great to see square on board with the vc. now is there any chance of that final fantasy VI-2 prototype on vc.



Steve said:

Oh wow, Actraiser! I loved that game so much and can't wait to download it again.

VERY jealous right now and hoping it'll come to the US soon. ^_^



Dunphy said:

Very solid update this week. Actraiser is a fantastic game, anyone that hasn't played it before needs to buy it. Fantastic game with an unbelievable soundtrack.

Did we actually get this before Japan as well? Seems a bit odd, not complaining of course.



Manaman said:

Actraiser was released on the Japanese VC weeks ago, so no, we weren't the first.

Excellent week ESPECIALLY with ActRaiser being out. I agree that if this had been the only game this week, I'd still be very happy.

As someone said, if you don't like this week's (or any other week) selection, then go play or do something else. The Virtual Console really isn't the be-all and end-all of gaming now, is it? Have patience.



"L" said: not sure if i should Download Actraiser, is it like.. Issilusion of Gala / time? if so im, so downloading it.



DEMON212 said:

Got Pac Man on 360, Bonk's ad 2 was bought immediately and the other one looks amazing for some of the game, and deathly boring/annoying for the other half. I love games like Sim City, but the SNES version was awful and incredibly annoying. You need a P.C for these types of games.

No Lylat is really annoying. Do Ninty not realise that some people may NOT have had these amazing games?

I never had Mario RPG, Super Metroid, Lylat or many others because I wasn't much of a gamer and never got much cash as a kid.

Hence why I complain when these games DON'T come out.
Because I want to play them. I have played Lylat, but I never owned it so i've never beaten it.

I have 43 VC games. I had never played 25 of them before the VC and hadn't owned another 10 of those that I had played. And to be totally fair, I hadn't owned or played any of them on a technicallity. Because I never had a NES, SNES or etc... My first console was the PSX then the N64. My first handheld was of course the GB.

So I think I haven the right to complain when these games don't come out.

This is why I wanted a Wii, to get that second chance i'd always dreamed of. To get such amazing games as the above. To me the VC isn't just about getting amazing games back, it's about getting amazing games for the first time.



Yoshi175 said:

I heard that golden axe 2' streets of rage 2 and a few other megadrive games have been rated now



Hendo said:

FFS - guys give it a rest.
I've made a deal with Nintendo and we've agreed that they'll release Lylat Wars the moment you all stop bitching about it not being here.
So shut up and it will arrive.



PowerLegend said:

badsp00n... it's friggin actraiser. a Platformer and Simulation game, IN ONE. It's not even confirmed for our area, yet you still complain about no lylat wars?



PowerLegend said:

and no, dunphy. japan got actraiser on like... march 20.

this game MUST come to the US. same with mystical ninja.



Drake said:

Soul Blazer, which Illusion of Gaia/Time is a (sort of) sequel to, has the same SFX as ActRaiser. And of course, they were made by the same company. So I guess you could say they're similar in a very, very small way.



ARK1 said:

What is it with you guys and Star Fox 64? It seems everytime that this site posts the UK release list, half of you are complaining that Star Fox 64 isn't on there. Is there something I'm not getting?



metallicorphan said:

i too was waiting for starfox or whatever they wanna call it...gutted that it didnt make it

but,i may download actraiser,even though i have never heard of it before or never played it before
with it being square enix,hopefully this will pave the way for a certain chronno trigger to make and appearance....oh wait,let me guess...if it does come it will be USA only.......please make it UK as well!!



Ross said:

Question to the guy with 43 VC Games or any1.
What happens when you fill up the Wii Menu ?



DEMON212 said:

I have 44 now (Bought DK NES hopin that with the recent VC updates on 4 of the games I have, that this had been updated to have the 4th level. It doesn't If you don't know what updates i'm on about. Super Mario Bros. NES, Zelda NES, Castlevania IV SNES and DKC SNES have updates. I e-mailed Damo and the guys but no one's mentioned it).

I don't know Ross. I started to delete some because we were REALLY runnin out of memory on the Wii's tiny HDD. But i've been wantin to test, so you're my excuse, k?

Sorry to dissapoint you, but nothing happens. I was hopin that Ninty would say "you're a VC freak, have 2,000 points for free" but nope, lol.

It was close actually. I had 2 empty channels when I ran out of room, so I deleted SM 64 to put in 3 NES games.

Oh, it does do something. It makes it literally impossible to move the channels about by holding A+B on them, lol. It also takes longer to go from the Wii systems menu back to the channels.



DEMON212 said:

What's up with postin here all of a sudden? I'm postin stuff and 4 hours later it ain't appearin. And it then just doesn't appear at all.

I'll do the quick version. I now have 44 and nothing happens. It stops you from being able to swap the channels around by holdin A+B. That's it.



Damo said:

DEMON212 - Sorry but me and Daz have to vet each comment before putting it online (we get more spammers trying to sell stuff than you might imagine). Seeing as I spent all day gardening, I wasn't able to publish your comment(s) until now.



Ross said:

But can you use an SD Card to swap around VC Channels if Wii Menu memory is full. (Allowing you to have as many channels as you want providing you have enough enough SD Card memory) ?



DEMON212 said:

No probs mate, I understand. I'm glad you stop spammers, youtube is full of nothing but chain letters.

You might as well tag my second reply then, I just thought things were faulty is all and thought it might be on my end




Damo said:

DEMON212 - no worries mate. I know it must be annoying to post something and not see it appear for a while.

__Shiyojin Rommyu


Shiyojin Rommyu said:

Ross, if you put in an SD card, then yes, you can copy the games from the internal memory over to your SD card and back, whenever you want. However, you cannot (as of yet) actually run the games that are stored on the SD card.

I'm hoping they fix this with an update, because for me, that would be the only reason to get an SD card. The internal memory is quite limited, with only 512 MB.



link64 said:

The American version of Actraiser is apparently being changed so that it is more like the Japanese version.



DEMON212 said:


No, it wasn't annoying as much as it was worrying. As I said, I was worried that maybe something was wrong with either the site or my laptop and I just wanted to find out. So i'm happy that all it was is that you guys were busy

Because that's cool, I don't expect that anyone thinks that you guys are on this site 24/7. I never did


You don't even need the card.

We were conned (Well actually, my brother was) into getting one and we don't need it.

When you delete a VC game you can just go onto the Wii shop and re-download it for free. The mem card just makes things a lil faster doing this.

Because what you do is just copy it over to the mem card when you buy it, and then when you delete it if and when you want it back, you can transfer it back over.

And you don't have to do what I done where if you'd played it for ages and didn't want to lose your data, I copied that version over. You don't need to because the games save data is saved seperately from the game onto the HDD

Hope I helped



i8cookie said:

DEMON212 - dont feel like you got conned into buying an SD card, they might do an update in the future where you can expand the ammount of channels onto the card instead of having to copy it back and forth. also there is no HDD in the wii its internal flash memory.



i8cookie said:

@ damo - to solve ur spam problem, you could make users verify their own comments by sending them a verification email with a link they have to click before their comment will be shown. do you think this would work?



DEMON212 said:

Russ, it's a HDD to me. It's nothing you have to buy as it comes as standard and without it the machine won't work. It also saves data, lol.

So I class it as a HDD. A very SMALL HDD, but a HDD none the less.



i8cookie said:

demon212, lol fair enough! although a 'hard disk drive' implies there is some sort of disk, and in the wii there is none, just solid state, like an sd card.
Have you actually played and completed all of your 44 vc games?!



DEMON212 said:

Beat about 8 for many reasons. Some of the games I didn't buy for the single player or to beat them (things like MK 64 and Bomberman '93). Some can't be beat (like DK NES). Some i'm beating in co-op (like Mario World, DKC and the likes). Some are far to hard and I suck, lol. And the main reason I haven't done many is, time. I have so many games to play at the moment and so little time.

I see though, I never understood why it was HDD and not just HD, so now I understand the difference. Not really big on CPU specs and knowledge, confuses the hell out of me so I stay away.

If someone posts up a lists of specs i'm iliterate all of a sudden, lol.

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