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Monster Lair (TG-16 / TurboGrafx-16)

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Join young Adam and Laura as they embark on a fantastic adventure in this comical action/shooting game. Featuring beautiful music brought to life by the power of the CD-ROM, the game consists of 14 rounds packed with cute monster enemies. Players can either play alone as Adam (or play with a friend controlling Laura) as they battle their way through round after round.

The first half of each round is the action scene, where players must avoid obstacles and pits. Use your Power Boost weapons against enemies and restore your Life Force with food as you head for the gate at the end. The second half is the exhilarating shooting scene, where players must shoot down flying enemies. Take out the boss at the end to clear the round and move to the next one.

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Posted by Damien McFerran

Join young Adam and Laura as they embark on a fantastic adventure in this comical action/shooting game.

Before you get excited, this isn’t your traditional Wonderboy adventure. Although we’ve already been blessed with Virtual Console versions of the quite frankly sublime Wonderboy in Monsterworld (Genesis / Mega Drive) and the exceptional Dragon’s...

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User Comments (26)



Kevin said:

How is this one compared to Dragon's Curse and Monster World?



Jazzem said:

Shame really, I loved both Dragon's Curse and Monster Land on the Virtual Console, I'd like to have another game in a similar vein to those two.

Let's all collectively wish for a translated Monster World IV!



Ben said:

This is the turbo version i think. The genesis version didn't get a us release I think.



Drake said:

Pocketim: You don't know how right you are. Adventure Island was in fact based on Wonder Boy. It's quite confusing, there's a few pages on the whole matter here though: http://hg101.classicgaming.gamespy.com/wonderboy/wonderboy.htm

Ben: We are assuming it's the Mega Drive version due to the publisher being listed as WestOne (Who handled the originals) instead of Hudson Soft (Who handled the TG ports). Presumably the OFLC people just quickly glanced at the title screen and saw the large "MONSTER LAIR" and overlooked the smaller "Wonder Boy III". Also, the MD version was released in Europe.



Ben said:

Ok I get it. Are there any difference between the two well besides the soundtrack. Is the soundtrack any good? Monster lair was a pack-in game for the turbo cd when it first came out wasn't it.



Ben said:

Drake: I think you completely missed my point. The turbo version got a US release. It was along with fighting street as one of the two launch games. The genesis didn't get a US release. So my point if the turbo version is released on the US VC it will be 800 points while the genesis would be 900 because it's never been released here. Now who would pay the extra points for an inferior version? The turbo soundtrack is rearrangement of the original so turbo version is better.



Drake said:

Ok, ok, I admit defeat, it's the Turbo version since it's on the Hudson site now.



ICEknight said:

This looks nothing like the MegaDrive version. In fact, it's a better port of the arcade, at least graphic-wise.
Also, I think it also has more levels than the MegaDrive version (which is missing some from the arcade), somebody correct me if I'm wrong.



michinmuri said:

I personally don't care a whole lot that this game isn't in the same vein as the others in the series, I'm just concerned personally that this was one of the games I never got to play back in the days when I had my Duo. It still looks to be a 3-4 star game so I will definitely cough up the points to get it. Also, the rockin' CD music was one of the things that made the CD games stand above and beyond many of the games that were out during this time period. I love the Turbo CD music.



jackaroo said:

Oh damn! I thought this would be one of the Sega games. And i thought it would be in the same style as the other wonderboy games. Now im sad



ICEknight said:

I can't believe the review gave this game just 2 stars... It's not like it gets more repetitive than, say, classics such as Bubble Bobble. This game is a re-invention of the Adventure Island concept, which adds more variety in weapons, 2 player support, shoot 'em up levels and some great boss fights.

The graphics are quite nice (despites the lack of parallax in this version), and it features some quite funny enemies, some of which you might recognize from previous and later Wonder Boy games if you've played them through. Also, from what I've been able to listen to, the remixed CD music it includes is quite similar to the excellent soundtrack from the arcade version, but with some arrangements (which you might like or not, depending on your tastes)... I just wish you could choose between remixed and original, because I just loved the arcade's music. Oh well.

I seriously recommend this game to any fan of classic arcade games, as well as Wonder Boy and Adventure Island fans. I know I'm gonna download it as soon as it hits the European Virtual Console.

__That Guy from Faxanadu


That Guy from Faxanadu said:

The Mega Drive version is one of my favourite games for that system! The ordinary Wonderboy games are great 1 player games, this one´s a great 2 player game. I´ve had lots of fun blasting away at mushroms & monkeys, jumping platforms and defeating bosses with my brothers. The time limited power-ups are very nice, I get a burst of joy everytime I can fire enormous explosions with my sword!



cr00mz said:

wow cool music! never played this game dont think i will download it but the music was awesome (assuming its from the game)



michinmuri said:

After all my own jhype of never owningthis and now getting it, I feel ripped off. Yeah, it was nostalgic to me due to never have owned this during my Turbo years, but after playing it, it's a headache. The game play IS repetitive; it's the same this everystage. The first is forced platforming, then a shooter stage where you fight a boss. The graphics are decent, but nothing great. The music is nice sounding due to the CD quality, but doesn't amuse me at all. The power-up weapons are plentiful on each stage, but run out too soon. This game must have been in development for a very short time because it just feels like it could have been so much better, but was rushed. Damo said it right in his review, limp. Actually I prefer flacid.



Mixer152 said:

Due to nostalgia of owning the Megadrive version (and Ive never played any other Wonder Boy's) I downloaded this once it became available.
First ive heard of the music and some of it is better than the megadrive one but not all suprisingly.
I gave this 4 stars based on nostalgia alone, its not the greatest game by all means but I had fun with it playing with a friend.



sammy said:

Damo your review sucks.

This is a classic game worthy of at least 4 stars. Its more or less arcade perfect bar the paralax scrolling and the soundtrack is outstanding. I dont see what else westone could have done to make it more perfect.

Very fun game to play and the balance is just right. It takes me back to the pc engine days.

This was a very popular game in japan and I dont think that you appreciated this one properly. I still respect your other reviews but its a shame to see this game bashed on the website and other people being put off it.

Still it is a hardcore gamers game so maybe it should be left for them to enjoy.



GEOFF said:

2 Stars! no no no 4 Stars.Dynastic heroe is the worst wonder boy game, now I know why it was the last.



GotToGoBackInTime said:

I remember This and Fighting Streets were the first two CD games to come out on the Turbo. I was so glad they put this game on the Wii VC. This game is so much fun to beat. And the soundtrack is a perfect fusion of island & jazz. Just in case anyone did not know you can get unlimited continues in the game by getting the high score and putting your name in as 68K, I think you have to hold select to get numbers come up.



Mahe said:

This review is misleading. The game is fun and challenging and offers a good 2-player mode.



JDesensitized said:

This is awesome. Like a 2 player Adventure Island that we never actually got.

And Dynastic Hero is great, too.

Man, I love this series.



JustanotherGamer said:

This is one of the greatest arcade memories of my mis-spent youth. Greasy terrible pizza. And Wonder Boy 3. The Turbo CD version was a blast to play. Some of the most fun Boss Battles of the day. Pure arcade fun. I actually had the original CD version which at the time required an $700.00 CD add on. This and "Fighting Street" Street Fighter 1. Were the first home videogames on CD. back in 1989 that was a big deal. Perfect arcade translations on CD that you could play at home. Epic back in 1989. Now in 2010 people are "What are Arcades?" "What are CD's?"



cyrus_zuo said:

I bought the game and enjoy playing it from time to time. Lots of weapon variety and the music is good.
One thing, be sure to use the endless continues cheat, or the game is brutal, no way you can finish it w/o!

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