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Air Zonk (TG-16 / TurboGrafx-16)

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Air Zonk is a spin-off of the popular Bonk’s Adventure series. This side-scrolling shooter retains the same cartoonish style of Bonk, but is set in a cyberpunkesque future. The powered-up Zonk gathers his friends to form Team Cool, and they set out to stop King Drool’s plan to conquer the world.

Choose from 3 levels of difficulty and 3 types of Friend Modes. Shoot King Drool's cyber robots and avoid their attacks while collecting the Air Bones to unleash a variety of attacks. Enjoy unique moves such as combining with a friend to create an invincible hybrid form or blasting enemies with a charged attack. Air Zonk is filled with humor, like its wacky theme song that plays when you post a huge score or when your game is over.

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Posted by Darren Calvert

The powered-up Zonk gathers his friends to form Team Cool, and they set out to stop King Drool’s plan to conquer the world.

Air Zonk is a horizontally scrolling shoot-em-up with the cuteness factor cranked up to 10 in much the same way as Konami's Parodius. Hudson essentially took the Bonk character and renamed him Zonk for this one which makes the game even stranger. Perhaps...

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__Carl George


Carl George said:

Air Zonk is, in my opinion, one of the better PC Engine titles that I owned. Fast, fun and fairly challenging. Probably download it to reminisce.



beefy said:

first i was skeptical, but a shoot em up bonk game sounds pretty fun actually. i want to shoot down one of the floating cow things.



PowerLegend said:

i hope it comes out next week. i mean these bonk games are the only tg16 games i download



Bass_X0 said:

More TG16 shooters. On the bright side, they are not endless - there will come a time when TG16 shooters on the virtual console will be few and far between.



michinmuri said:

Very good game. Glad to see they are bring a some of the better TG-16 games to the VC, which is that main reason I bought my Wii. I agree with 4 stars. Still wish they'd pick up some of the CD and super CD games like Gate of Thunder, Lords of Thunder, Cosmic Fantasy, and the Y's series. Another one to look forward to is Silent Debuggers, which I belive will come out soon.



Sinistron said:

you'll never see the Air Zonk sequel- Rockabilly paradise- on wii- because it is a turbo CD game. Thankfully the only system I own is a turbografx with CD player and japanese game adapter and 135 titles. Don't have Rockabilly Paradise yet- but I will...



Asherdude said:

Alright! You guys just don't know how long that I've been waiting to play this game! Shooters 4ever, man!



nephew77 said:

I'd agree with Daz again here. The fact that you can select a partner character for each level gives Air Zonk a feel somewhat like Campcom's Megaman. Both are cutesy and give you some options, allowing you to experiment with a variety of weapons on a variety of characters. Unlike Megaman, however, this game is more shooter than platformer and is a bit on the easy side.

Easy or not, the graphics and music of this title are worthy of the Bonk/Zonk name. This is one of the better HuCards out there. Recommended.



StarSoldier1 said:

Can anyone beat my world record? Heh heh (EGM#45). Anyway I highly recommend this action packed shooter too since it has some of the best graphics for the turbo.



sirmatt said:

Speaking as an "older" gamer lured back to gaming by the Wii, I like these VC games:

  • Soldier Blade (have a soft spot for vertical top down shooters a la 1943)
  • Wave Race
  • Street Fighter II Turbo (spent many an hour hammering on this one as a kid...maybe that's why I can kick this game's butt fairly quickly now) and quite care as much for:
  • Air Zonk
  • Devil's Crush
  • Kirby's Adventure

As far as TG16 titles go, I just LOVE Soldier Blade (keep coming back for more plus it's fun...lots of shouting and cursing lol), but I am just not loving the Air Zonk. Dude, it is HARDER! Plus I am just not a fan of the side-scrolling shooter. Never played 'em, never liked 'em. To me that perspective just seems sort of intuitively clunky, whereas a top-down you "sorta" feel more seat-of-the-pants "really flying".

Anyhow, this game can be challenging. It's cute and bright but usually it's just a tad tougher than that point where I get addicted to it. I personally wish I would have bought Starfox 64 instead of this and Devil's Crush.

****** UPDATE ************

OK, screw the review above. I love this game. It's bright, cute, and a B*TCH!! Challenging and yet can be a lot more fun if you play your cards right - GET AND KEEP THOSE WEAPONS UPGRADES! Otherwise this game is SERIOUSLY tough.

The music also is really catchy and gets stuck in my head - it's playing right now in fact!

It is a good challenge and I enjoy "digging away" at it, plus for me - since I like quick-hit gaming, not long, involved sessions - the save state feature is great.


  • Matt


sobaked said:

Air Zonk has become one of my favorite games on the VC,,, it is such a fun game, and IMO quite difficult, especially at mid and high difficulty! i love it, and im not a big schmup fan! move over gradius III, ive got a new favorite schmup on the VC ~



Manicfatty said:

Hella fun! Good to see a quirky shooter on the VC. I love the 'parody' shooters that see good success in Japan, but never caught on in the states. This will tide me over until we get one on the Wii!



Rossi said:

So does this have any Bonk elements in it? Just gettin my way through Bonk 3 atm!



TRON said:

Great Cute-em-up! one of the better schmups ever, and despite it's appearance, be prepared to start from the beginning a few times before you see the ending. Highly recommended!



CopyofCopyX said:

The final level is surprisingly epic and the final boss is just insane. This is one of the best Shoot-them-ups on the VC.



Epyo said:

too short, and not very interesting to replay, but very cute, and the gameplay is pretty good. If you want a shoot em up, get a better one first, and then probably another better one, before going to this one.



Corbs said:

One of my all-time favorite PC Engine titles. I remember buying this game thinking it was a platformer like the Bonk series. Turned out to be a really nice surprise of a shooter.



DjPhatskillz said:

The game is a must own for the soundtrack, i downloaded it (the soundtrack) and i play it LOUD when i'm driving around my town to freak the hipsters out. As for game play it is a little blocky and i find that the sprites are a little to big for my liking. The originality of this game is impressive enough to offer mad replay value; the power ups offer so much fun you will want to keep playing to see what crazy weapon you will get next. If your a fan of shooters cop this game for sure! like Cho Aniki, the gameplay may be a lil on the sluggish side, but the aesthetic this game offers is way to bamph and original to pass up!



cheetahman91 said:

This is my favorite TurboGrafx-16 game. Everything about it is great. If you don't have this game, get it now.



Goomba said:

This is one of the most fun and colorful shooters out there. The music is very catchy. This is a game from the golden era of shooters.

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