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Air Zonk is a horizontally scrolling shoot-em-up with the cuteness factor cranked up to 10 in much the same way as Konami's Parodius. Hudson essentially took the Bonk character and renamed him Zonk for this one which makes the game even stranger. Perhaps they felt it wasn't appropriate for a caveman to be jetting around in the sky.

There are no complaints here with the graphics. Like the Bonk series of games everything is very colourful and the sprites are drawn beautifully. The music and sounds whilst not memorable particularly compliment the game well. The action is thick and fast with no sign of slowdown or flickering.

This isn't a game that takes itself too seriously. As such it is perfect for a quick 'pick up and play' blast. It's quite short though and not too punishing even on the harder difficulty setting. Still there are enough shooters out there which are next to impossible. This may help to build up your self confidence in the genre again!

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There's lots of variety in the weapons available to Zonk along the way. In addition to that there are also power-ups. One nice touch is a second character which you can pick up and merge with into Super Zonk! The usual end of level bosses are big, bold and brash too just as you might expect.


The only criticism would be the lasting appeal factor for Air Zonk. The game is put together really well but once completed there really isn't too much to go back for. That's a minor quip though, for 600 points this really is good value for money. Fans of the genre should give this a look.