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To save his world from rampaging demons, Dana goes on a dangerous quest to find Solomon's Key and seal the monsters away. An audacious mix between an action game and a giant puzzle, Solomon's Key is one of the toughest challenges on the NES, but also one of its most endearing adventures.

The player is required to combine logic and cunning reflexes to unravel all the mysteries of each room. Several secrets ought to be unlocked by the brightest minds, and only a few have been deemed worthy of seeing all the different endings. Will you be clever enough?

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3DS eShop Review

Europe PAL Version

Posted by Dave Letcavage

You'll need the wisdom of Solomon for this one

In Solomon's Key – an action / puzzler from Tecmo – you take command of a wizard named Dana as he searches for a magical formula that's said to banish all evil from the world. It began life in arcades back in 1986, finding its way to NES a year later,...

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Wii U eShop Review

USA USA Version

Posted by Dave Letcavage

One door closes, another one opens

In Solomon’s Key – an action / puzzler from Tecmo – you take command of a wizard named Dana as he searches for a magical formula that’s said to banish all evil from the world. The game began life in arcades back in 1986, finding its way to NES a...

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Virtual Console Review

USA USA Version

Posted by Darren Calvert

I've got the key, I've got the secret!

Solomon’s Key started life as a little known arcade game, but the NES version is probably more well known and remains a faithful rendition of the original. Playing as a little wizard by the name of Dana, you are tasked with escaping from a series of...

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User Comments (40)



Zweck36 said:

This game is fantastic, and incredibly hard. It is a challenge that will earn your 500 wii points



Wolf said:

Infinite continues would be nice with the Wii's rom-freezing feature. I don't like playing those first levels over and over but this is a really great game! It's worth the time it takes to master it.



Jazzem said:

It is great indeed The VC's underrated NES game, very worth the 500 points. And yes, it does have infinite continues, after the game over screen (which came up very frequently for me >_>), you're sent back to the title screen, but pressing start brings you to the level you were just on. <br> <br>But as I say, it's brilliant. Difficult though, the relief I had completing it was a lot to say the least!



JNoodles said:

One of the hardest NES games out there, Solomon's Key will infact win the hearts of many Puzzle and RPG fans.



nephew77 said:

I skipped over this one in the 80s and 90s. I have it now on the VC, and it is great. Disregard the graphics. The puzzles will keep you coming back! 4/5 stars from me too.



Harmonica said:

I love this game. FYI, there are infinite continues. At the GDV screen (game over screen), hit Up+A+B. Good luck all!



SKTTR said:

It is a challenging game and a REAL CLASSIC!
It's got many levels as well as good graphics for an NES game.
It's got tight controls, tons of secrets and just one of the best soundtracks on the NES ever.

With unlimited continues and Wii-save-function everyone can play through it. I give it 4 Stars.



LiekosOfMobius said:

There was apparently a Monster Rancher game based on this released for the Game Boy Color. It used the same game mechanics and even has the same room clearing jingle this has.



NintendoFan25Years said:

I like puzzlers but this is a waste of $5; (I can only get to 2 levels)I am going to delete it and buy adventures of lolo. Bomberman 93 and Chew Man Fu are 2 games that are must downloads for puzzle fans!!



sanjuro said:

If you give up after 2 levels, you have a serious issue with puzzle games, haha ! It isn't that hard, especially with continues.



Dee said:

I loved this game when I was about 10 - I can't wait for release in the EU!



Dazza said:

Dee - You don't need to wait any longer. The EU got this game on 15 Dec 2006!!



Dee said:

I can't seem to find it anywhere - really want it but don't know how to get it!!! Ahhhh!

__chris h.


chris h. said:

even with infinite continues, the game is still pretty bad. anti-climactic un unnecessarily hard. i made the mistake of downloading this game on virtual consoleand just wasted 500 wii points. dont get this game. dont even accept it as a gift



learn_japanese_ds said:

hmmm. from the video I can totally see how this game could be cool. I still think it was a strange choice for a VC launch game though...



Adamant said:

It's not THAT hard, people. Just learn the solution to the levels, and they'll fall easily. If I can beat it, so can you.



hand2097 said:

As someone who breezed through Lolo 1 & 2 (except PROB, C and D), this is harder, I guess because of the faster action. I've cleared the first ten rooms. Still looking for a difficult puzzler (as opposed to a difficult action game). So far I like this game and will play more.

Dig the boxart, too.



hand2097 said:

I haven't really gotten the feel of this game. I feel like I'm brute-forcing through the levels.



Adamant said:

It takes a while to get used to. The best hint I can give is "learn the levels". Learn the sure-fire method that will always enable you to beat a level every time you try it. Collect extra lives and fairies. Learn where the hidden treasures are. Knowledge is everything in this game, since you'll keep getting booted back to the title screen if you die too much. I can get through the first 30-or-so levels without dying without too much trouble, and rack up about 15 lives on the way - all it takes is practice and a willingness to learn safe methods rather than ramboing through. Remember that fireballs are there for a reason, too.



Adamant said:

Room 17 is easy, you just need to block yourself in completely every time you move to a new concrete block.
At the beginning, wait for the ball right in front of you to pass you, then make a block toyour left, get on top of it to reach the concrete block, and make blocks to your left and right. Wait for the balls to travel clear off the blocks you've been making, then destroy the block you made to the left, make a block right under where it was when the ball on the next concrete block has passed, then walk over to it and make blocks to your right and left again, protecting you from the balls as they travel to outskirt of the room. Continue like this until you're past all the concrete blocks and balls, then extend the floor all the way to the left, while leaving a small hole for the balls to travel through once they return to this area. block the hole when the balls try getting back out. No problem.



hand2097 said:

Yeah, I figured that much but it still took my about four sessions to actually do it. Maybe over a hundred tries. I like this game a lot as an action game but it wasn't what I was looking for when I bought it, which was right on the heels of the Lolo games that I already found too much based on timing and action. I like timing/action games too, but sometimes I just want to think, not practice my twiddly fingers (sometimes it's the opposite), it's a mood thing, I guess. Solomon's Key for me falls squarely into the "twiddly fingers" camp. Thanks for the advice.



Golgo said:

Finally finished it, after chipping away on-and-off for weeks. Superb game. The levels are really beautifully crafted, although they do get increasingly hellish. Rooms 43 and 46 must be among the most fiendish ever committed to code - they had me chewing the furniture...

Anyway, I wish Tecmo would update this rather than pumping out their silly, soft-porn, boobs-on-the-beach 'games'.

Can anyone recommend a similar experience on VC?
Adventures of Lolo, maybe?



Adamant said:

Solomon's Key is unique. The closest you'd get would be the Lode Runner games, but they're really not that similiar.



Corbs said:

Still a fun game, but nothing groundbreaking. Of course it never really was to begin with.



Golgo said:

@ Corbie. It may not have been groundbreaking, but I think that it did combine action and puzzling in a more innovative (and evil) way than anything I can think of for that generation. That said, I haven't got Lolo yet, so I know nothing...



deeztreezeez said:

I had the one for the original gameboy...bought this a month ago, this game is SOO awesome. Go Figure, a week or two after I bought the NES version the release the Arcade version on the VC...oh well this game still kicks butt



TNT said:

If someone can tell me how to continue i will tell how to skip from level 15 to 21



TNT said:

I figured out that you continue by pressing up a and b AT THE SAME TIME!

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