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Sun 20th Jan 2008

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Jonny2x4 commented on Double Dragon:

deggs - Your reasoning is flawed. Just because Acclaim published DD2 and DD3 here and they're now out of business doesn't mean another company could pick up the rights, which is what was done here to begin with (DD1 was published by Tradewest). The publishing license is not the same as the intellectual properties. The NES version of DD2 was recently ported to mobile phones in Europe FYI.



Jonny2x4 commented on Renegade:

Anyone who says this is a poor man's Double Dragon is ignorant. This came BEFORE Double Dragon. It isn't really that bad for a first gen title, but it isn't that great. The game is near impossible on Lv. 3.



Jonny2x4 commented on Super C:

To Ronindennis - While Contra 4 for the Nintendo DS does feature both Contra games for the NES, they lack true multiplayer support. Instead, you control both characters at the same time. Its not a big deal to those who usually play Contra alone, but there are many like myself who like to play with friends. Just thought to point that out.