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United Kingdom

Thu 21st Feb 2008

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N_A_T_O commented on Gley Lancer:

I still cherish my copy of Mean Machines Sega with the streets or rage 2 review. Wicked magazine, bring back Yob. Still amusing to this day.



N_A_T_O commented on Streets of Rage:

Love this game! This is the first Megadrive game I ever saw and played, I can still remember the awe I felt at the visuals and especially the tunes. I have been a Sega nut ever since. Rock on.



N_A_T_O commented on WiiWare vs Xbox Live Arcade - Fight!:

The presence of Rez HD gives XBLA a HUGE edge over VC. That game rocked on the DC and now rocks even more.
Also..Streets of Rage 2 in HD and online play. C'mon guys its a no brainer. I could go on.
I am, actually, a big fan of both services, and actually think they compliment each other very well, if you have a 360 and Wii.



N_A_T_O commented on Hardware Focus - Sega Master System:

Cannot wait for Master System games to be released! This was the fist console I bought with my own money. Knocked spots off of the Atari 2600 I had before.
I have a nostalgic hankering to play Donald Duck: Lucky Dime Caper again.