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The classic puzzle game by Alexei Pazhitnov, considered to be the defining game on the Game Boy!

Tetris gives you a screen which slowly fills up with "Tetrads" made up of four blocks in various shapes. You have to move and rotate the blocks so they form solid rows across the screen, whereupon the row will vanish and you will score points. Clearing more than one row at a time will net you a bonus multiplier. If the screen fills up with blocks then the game ends.

In Game A you play endlessly for high scores. Acquiring a large high score may net you one of several rocket animations available. The better your score, the bigger the rocket that takes off.

Game B requires you to clear a certain number of lines in order to win the game. You can increase the number of lines you need to clear, making the game longer.

For both games you can increase the number of blocks already on the screen when you start, as well as the speed. There are three kinds of music to choose from as well. If you have a Game Boy Link Cable you can play a multiplayer game, where indestructable rows of blocks rise from the bottom of the screen when your opponent clears lines.

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Posted by Corbie Dillard

From Russia with fun

Saying that Tetris shifted a few Game Boys is like saying caffeine sold a few energy drinks. Already an established favourite by the time Nintendo's handheld hit the market in 1989, Tetris proved to be the perfect pick-up-and-play experience to go along...

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Tetris has been a staple of Nintendo gaming since it was released on the Game Boy in 1989. Since then, the tile-matching puzzle game has enjoyed unrivalled success courtesy of its timeless formula. Considered by many as the greatest game of all-time as a result of this, it is always interesting to hear...

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ballistikboy said:

Such a wonderful game! I remember being jealous that my younger cousin Amy got her shiny new GameBoy one Christmas and my parents couldn't afford one... I was so jealous! ;-/ She had this monochrome Tetris game up on there and I grew to love puzzles because of playing Tetris. This game is a definite 10/10 and is a must have for any old school GB/NES/puzzle fanatic.



MVP said:

Absolutly great game, I had it when I was a kid, and now I bought it again in a retro store, a fundamental game in the history of videogames.



melechofsin said:

yeah, that's a real classic. Have 2 copies too, one on a multicart, and played it with the cable link. Just awesome.



Geonjaha said:

A game that works very well on the GB. Will probably buy it when it comes out just for some Tetris to play when I'm about. This GB version is nothing special - but it's all it needs to be.



Kifa said:

I think this is the best version of the game - barebones, nothing it shouldn't be and everything it should. I never really liked all those new Tetris variations, so I might give this a shot when it comes out. ;]



Boman said:

This one really brings back memories.
€4 ???? they sould have made this a free chritmas download.



Kevin said:

Surprised they're not giving us the DX version despite this is the original.



EvilLucario said:


True dat. They got Link's Awakening DX on the shop, but they can't get Tetris DX on the damn thing?

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